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What’s Beneath the Dream Homes and Big Commissions?

For Women, There’s the Risk of Sexual Assault.


If you were sexually assaulted while working in the real estate industry, please contact us for a completely confidential consultation.

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Real Estate Sexual Assault

Your Job Is to Meet Strangers
in an Empty House.
What Could Go Wrong?

According to the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.), 66 percent of all real estate agents today are women. Combine this large female demographic with the obvious dangers of working alone in empty houses, meeting clients at night, and hosting open houses (a professional way of telling the world where and when you will be alone) – and it is not a surprise that there have been more than a few horror stories.


We’re changing the narrative about lawsuits.

Recent lawsuits filed against eXp Realty, a $2 billion company and one of the fastest growing brokerages in the world, suggest a predatory culture where drugging, sexual assault and harassment were normalized as part of the job. Contact us if you were an agent for eXp and were assaulted. A Case for Women is working with the leading attorneys in this litigation and we want to hear from you.

An Entrepreneurial Culture with Few Safeguards

Recently The New York Times reported that N.A.R., the largest professional organization in the country and the controlling force behind virtually every American home listing, has not been aggressive about implementing safety protocols. Additionally, it is suggested that N.A.R. may have been resistant to implementing safety measures, even after women agents voiced concerns about safety.

Given the recent resignation of former N.A.R. president Kenny Parcell amid accusations of sexual misconduct, the indifferent culture surrounding sexual assault in the real estate industry comes as no surprise.

Reports suggest that harassment was ingrained in N.A.R. culture, making the threat of sexual assault a double whammy: it was something to be feared as an agent alone on the job; it was also something to be feared working your way up the sales commission ladder.


What if You Were Assaulted?

If you were assaulted while working as a real estate agent, do not blame yourself. You were doing a job and the institutions making money off your hard work were supposed to protect you.

Over the last eight years, A Case for Women and A Case for Justice have helped tens of thousands join civil lawsuits against institutions that harbored predators, resulting in systemic change as well as compensation for survivors. This includes lawsuits against; MSU physician Larry Nassar, the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, Uber, Lyft and groups like Servants of the Word.

We are an organization founded and run by women. It is our mission to educate women and their families about the opportunity to take legal action that not only provides compensation but also creates societal change. We educate, advocate, and ultimately connect women and their families with law firms that can represent them on a contingency fee basis.

We want to hear your story.


Civil lawsuits create change. That’s why we are such fans of them. Instead of putting one person in jail (as in a criminal case) we’re going after the entire system that hurts women.