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Got Hurt? Get Connected   

A Case for Women is currently talking to women hurt by a number of issues including:
Essure, Talcum Powder, the Pay Gap and Sexual Harassment.

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We’ll Call You

We work with your schedule to find an easy, quick time to get you up to speed – text, email or call, your pick.

Step 3

Lawyer Up

It’s go time. We go through our Rolodex of amazing lawyers we work with, lawyers who will actually handle your case, not “Refer” you out.

Keep it Simple

We call ourselves Legal Whisperers™ for a reason: We speak lawyer so you don’t have to.

Do It Smart

(And don’t take the financial risk.) We only work with lawyers who do contingency — meaning they are ONLY ever paid through a percentage of what they win or settle for you.

Step 4

Let Your Lawyer Go to Work for You

People think filing lawsuits are crazy time-consuming and stressful. Not so much when you have a high caliber law firm in your corner. They’ll do the heavy lifting.

No legal action for your issue?

We’ll help you connect with other women, nonprofits and political groups that are making things happen.

Step 5

Be a Blood Sister

Let’s do more than keep in touch. Let’s do the work that needs to be done together to help keep women and families safe. 

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