Women Stood Up Against Nassar and MSU. Learn How You Can Stand Up Too.

Super Breaking News: As of early July, women who were hurt by Nassar at MSU may have less than 60 days left to take part in the $500 million settlement. That means, if the 60 days pass and you have not yet taken legal action, then you may lose your right to receive any compensation for all you went through — FOREVER.

This historic settlement includes millions of dollars for athletes who were abused but have not yet spoken up. If you were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, you may be able to receive significant financial compensation for what you went through… but this is extremely time sensitive. 

Women who were hurt are already joining the movement. Contact us to learn how you may be able to participate in the Michigan State Settlement or other legal action happening around the country. Text us privately at 517-234-4160 to learn your options before it’s too late!

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It’s important to understand that we are NOT affiliated with USAG, USOC or any gymnastics private investigators, whatsoever.

Who are we? Women helping women learn their legal options. We’re here for women who were hurt, and our goal is to help you seek justice so you can help protect other young women and restart your life.

Simply contact us by submitting the form, we’ll get back with you asap to schedule a time to talk. If you’d prefer to call or text, you can reach us anytime at 517-234-4160.

PS, This is supremely confidential. You may even have the option of taking a stand while remaining anonymous, through the use of a pseudonym. So please do not “opt yourself out” until you learn your options, because standing up may be much more comfortable than you think! Also, talk about hitting reset and #StartingaNewChapter!

Truth: There are so many more stories of abuse left, from sexual or emotional abuse, to be told. And it’s time we start talking about them.

Even if someone already told you you don’t have legal options, don’t take their word for it. What happened to you was wrong and you may have considerable legal options to demand justice and help protect other girls.

We’ve been there, we’re tired of it and we’re oh-so-ready for gymnasts everywhere to fight back.

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T he irony isn’t lost on us that one of the first things you learn in gymnastics is to walk on the balance beam. Maybe you’re four or five and the bar is right on the floor. Either way, you learn to curl your toes tight, holding on with all your might and muscle, lest you slope either which way. You try to stand tall as the bar is raised each year, the pressure mounting. Finally, you’re feet off the floor, the whole world on your shoulders, every sacrifice your family made to get you where you are and — if you unclench your toes for a second, if you close your eyes and sweep to the left — you lose it. The first thing they teach you: Failure is stepping out of line; failure is always a heartbeat away. Once that message gets deep in your bones, you justify everything else. The yelling and screaming? It’s needed to achieve our goal. The touching and stroking? It’s all part of the process. Moving in with your coach, private sessions you can’t tell anyone about? Every little thing they do we think it’s justified because you put your lives in their hands, your childhood. You were taught to keep quiet, to suffer through it all, and you did because you had to.

We’re talking secret files that were never shared or reported, shockingly minimal requirements with little to no enforcement policies, practices intended to blame the victim instead of reprimand the culprit; policies, in short, that were centered around keeping the problem hidden.

Sexual abuse is the most underreported crime in the world. We’re talking about an epidemic of abuse, right under our noses, in countless gyms throughout the country.

PS: Nassar is just a part of it. Hold your abuser to account and find justice. You can make it safer for young athletes who are still at risk today. And at the very least? Learn your options so you can make your choice about what you want to do and how.

A couple of things this is NOT about: Your Sport. (We love gymnastics. It is an incredible sport that has taught so many in terms of work ethic, dedication and pursuing goals.) Your Parents. (We know your parents did their best. All they wanted for you was to help you reach your dreams.)

What this is about? Put a lot of girls in leotards in a room, unsupervised with all-powerful male coaches, many of whom may have hopped around for untold reasons from state to state? Umm, no. There were numerous basic steps that could have been taken to help protect you and countless other gymnasts. They all so often weren’t taken. Girls got hurt. And that’s not okay.

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There is no shame if you were sexually violated, groped, filmed or spoken to in a sexual manner by your gymnastics coach, physical therapist, doctor or gym owner. That’s why we are offering free, confidential, no obligation consults — because you need to know your legal options, and we all want to see how strong, truly, you can be when the record is set straight and you are free to grow. 🙂

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