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Over 100 Women Have Accused Dr. Derrick Todd at Brigham and Women’s of Sexual Assault

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Dr. Derrick Todd Sexual Assault

More Than 100 Women Have Accused Dr. Todd of Sexual Assault

It started in October 2023 – a lawsuit was filed where a few dozen women alleged that Dr. Derrick Todd, a rheumatologist formerly at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, sexually assaulted them during medical examinations. Just a few weeks later, that number has swelled to more than 100 women, multiple lawsuits, and more than 20 years of hidden sexual assault.

Prior to the lawsuits, Brigham and Women’s conducted an internal investigation after two anonymous complaints about Todd, and he was placed on administrative leave in June 2023 before being terminated in July 2023. However, accusations of assault go back more than 20 years, and questions about how much hospital administration may have known about it are unclear.

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Todd or any other predatory doctor, you are far from alone! We want to help you tell your story and hold those accountable for letting this happen. Remember: it’s never your fault.

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“I can’t trust people in the medical field any more. I felt super violated. I felt like a fool, too, because I believed it.”1

He Always Had an Answer.

Since October 10, 2023, additional lawsuits against the former Boston rheumatologist Dr. Derrick Todd have been filed and more than 100 women are now claiming Todd convinced them that invasive breast, vaginal, and rectal exams were key to their treatment for chronic pain going back as far as 2011.

Survivors in the Dr. Derrick Todd assault lawsuit state that the ex-rheumatologist always had a ready answer when patients questioned why he repeated highly invasive medical examinations on them instead of doing MRIs on their bones.

“I am horrified, and that is why I’m here today, because I know that there’s more. I had a hunch, and [so] why did I go back [to him]? And that’s why I want to say it’s not your fault. These people know what they’re doing.”

– Former patient who filed the
second claim in the lawsuit.

Where Do We Come In?

A Case for Women (ACFW) helps women navigate the legal system and take their power back through meaningful civil legal action.

We only work with lawyers who charge on a contingency basis, which means they risk all the costs of your litigation until a result is achieved. When, IF, they achieve a positive result in your lawsuit, your attorneys receive a percentage of the amount you receive, to pay them back for costs accumulated during your lawsuit.

We’ve helped thousands of people take action against predatory doctors who have abused their position like Dr. Nassar, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Hadden, & Dr. Cheng.

Please don’t wait to step up against Dr. Todd. By taking a stand, you can help protect other women from being hurt. You just need to take the first set. We can help.

We want to hear from you. Contact us now to join more than one hundred other women in this litigation.

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