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Dr. Fabio Ortega Was Imprisoned for Sexually Assaulting Patients.

Did This Happen to You?

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If You Were Sexually Assaulted by former OB/GYN Dr. Fabio Ortega, You May Be Able To Join The Lawsuit.

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Former OB/GYN Dr. Fabio Ortega Sexual Abuse

Dr. Fabio Ortega Pled Guilty to Sexual Abuse Charges

In 2021, former gynecologist Dr. Ortega pled guilty to charges of aggravated sexual assault and was ultimately sentenced to three years in prison. According to the attorneys in the case, the NorthShore and Swedish Covenant Hospitals where Ortega worked ignored complaints from patients and instead chose to protect him.

In addition to the criminal lawsuits, there are currently multiple civil lawsuits filed against Dr. Ortega consisting of more than 30 women, not only accusing him of sexually assaulting patients under the guise of medical care, but also accusing NorthShore and Swedish Covenant Hospitals of failing to warn patients about the allegations made against Dr. Ortega.

Ortega was stripped of his medical license in 2018.

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Ortega, we are here to help you take your power back through a lawsuit. Contact us now to learn how.

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If this happened to you, it was not your fault. Sexual assault by any physician, anytime, is not OK. Help us put a stop to this abuse by contacting us. We pledge to maintain your privacy and help you understand your rights.

“You have broken me. You haunt my dreams and creep into my most intimate moments. I am a shell of my former self. I’m not living, I am barely surviving day to day.”

What Does Sexual Assault by an Ob/Gyn Look Like?

It may be hard to understand how a doctor can assault a patient during a routine exam, but touching for sexual gratification is sexual assault – even if touching “private parts” is part of an exam. Current cases filed charging sexual assault from various women claim that Ortega manipulated them into thinking that his assault was part of a routine exam — but they certainly knew that something was “off” and many reported Ortega to his employers.

Sexual Assault by an Ob/Gyn Might Look Like This

  • asking women invasive personal details about their sex lives and fantasies
  • unnecessary breast, genital, and rectal exam
  • prescribing “Kegels” as an excuse to touch patients sexually
  • performing un-gloved exams and attempting to cause sexual arousal
  • trying to arrange exchange medical requests for coffee dates
  • grooming, or establishing trust, by calling patients outside of office hours or scheduling unnecessary appointments.

Ortega Hurt Women

Recently Ortega and NorthShore University Health System agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the parents of a 7-year-old girl who was delivered while under Ortega’s care in 2015. The girl has severe cerebral palsy caused by the catastrophic injuries suffered during a “rare and dangerous” cesarean deliver that lasted 14 minutes.

One Doctor Assaulting Women is Too Many.

First there was Dr. Larry Nassar, then Dr. Hadden, then Dr. Anderson, then Dr. Tyndall, then Dr. Todd…the list goes on of once-prominent doctors being accused of sexually assaulting their patients during routine medical examinations. Doctors are often seen as one of the most trusted authority figures in our society – so what happened?

There has been a seismic shift in listening to the voices of women who have been assaulted. With the #MeToo movement, women have been empowered to speak up if they have been assaulted and turn their pain into meaningful action.

We are proud to have helped educate women about taking legal action against Dr. Nassar, Anderson, Hadden, Todd and others. Our mission is to empower these women to help stop the cycle of abuse by speaking up.

Bottom line: if something seemed weird during a routine medical exam, it probably was. It was not your fault. Contact us to talk through your legal options.

The only way to stop this cycle is to stand up.

Let your voice be heard.

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