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That’s why we established A Fund for Women™ – a Texas-based non-profit corporation. The mission of A Fund for Women™ is to support women, who are all too often burdened with hardships caused by gender inequality, by providing immediate cash (up to $500) to women who just can’t wait.

A Fund for Women™ is seeded by our sister company, A Case for Women, which helps women access life-changing, contingency-fee legal help. Often this results in substantial financial compensation, but legal action can take years. We recognize that food needs to be on the table every night. That’s why it is so important to get immediate cash into the hands of women at the time they need it most. The decision regarding who receives financial aid is based upon need and is not at all dependent upon whether or not a woman is able to take legal action. There is no formal application process or deep vetting for the distribution of the funds. We simply listen to the women when they tell their stories and overnight cashier checks when they are in dire situations and in need of immediate help.

It’s that simple.

Please take a moment to visit the A Fund for Women website to read more about our non-profit and consider making a donation.

We hope you join us in our stand against gender inequality stemming from the disproportionate poverty rate, pay inequities, and a plethora of other barriers that have failed to improve for women. It’s a fight we can win together.