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It All Started With An “Aha!” Moment

For years, or, make that decades, we at A Case for Women fought the good fight, aligning our communication skills with socially conscious issues. Over ten years ago, we took on communications for one of the most powerful plaintiffs’ firms in the world. Pretty soon we were hooked on the mission of helping people through legal action.

But there was a problem. Said plaintiffs’ firm (along with most of the legal world)  did not understand how to really connect with women. As a result, we saw many women walk away from life-changing legal action. That made us sad. Then it made us mad. Now it’s made us busy.

The “Aha!” moment hit us and instead of working hand-in-hand with lawyers, we started working hand-in-hand with W-O-M-E-N.

And that’s where we are now. All the good stuff. Lots of women empowerment. None of the bad.

Translation: Legal Game Changers for Women Nationwide.

About Our Founder

Sisters, Meet Susan

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Susan Jones Knape

Susan is the Founder of both A Case for Women and Susan Knape Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized communications firm for law firms and companies that support doing good things to help good people. She is also a published author on the subject of women’s financial literacy and an advocate for women in the workplace.

Flash back 30+ years: When Susan was just starting out she founded — as a woman, in Texas, in the 80’s — an enormously successful boutique ad agency that won all the awards, even though Susan flat-out refused to work on behalf of any tobacco company or brand that objectified women.

In the 80’s a Dallas Morning News article profiled Susan as a “Take Your Daughter to Work” pioneer, as her corner office, in Texas, had a play pen. (#Goals.)

Next comes a career of climbing up that corporate ladder, all while maintaining her strong ethics — before “Business Ethics” was a thing.

That’s when Susan wrote The Money Rules, started working with law firms to help those hurt most by asbestos, the BP oil spill, and dangerous pharmaceuticals, and helped Rainforest Partnership communicate their climate-saving message. In her spare time (ha, what spare time?) she served the American Association of Justice and Public Justice on their communications committees. 

Susan is also the mother of two girls, two girls following her footsteps by doing meaningful work. Her oldest is in NYC, the author of Best Body Memoir, and works along with the team of women at ACFW (— bringing Take Your Daughter to Work Day full-circle!). Her youngest is in DC and helps develop cancer measures. This all makes Susan so, so happy.

Susan has devoted her whole life, from career to motherhood, to supporting, nurturing, and advocating for women. A Case for Women has been a long time coming, and Susan is happy that she gets to help you, too.

Susan In the News

Our Mission

A Case for Women believes in the power of women’s stories, their voices, their families. We believe in your good days and your bad; that when one of us is hurt, we must all stand up.

Everything We Believe In

Lawsuits Probably Aren’t What You Think They Are  
Instead, lawsuits help to create lasting, powerful change, the kind we’ve been working toward for centuries.

It’s 2024
We need equal pay. We need safer medical drugs and devices for women. And guess what? We need it now! (Big YES, to Women Empowerment!)

Staying Quiet Rarely Works
We can’t carry our burdens all alone — instead, by sharing our stories and asking for help, we find our village.

You Need Something Better
We’re not counting on anyone’s conscience to make things safe for women.
We’re counting on that moment when you, your power, meet powerful action.

It’s All So Possible
Taking legal or other action can be easy, effective, and have the potential for life-changing financial compensation.

More Than Anything, We Believe In You

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