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You Wanted the Best for Your Loved One.

But Cutting Corners at Long-Term Care Facilities Led to Tragic Abuse of Our Most Vulnerable.

If your loved one was neglected or abused in any way at a care facility, please contact us for a free and confidential legal consult.

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Long-Term Care Abuse

Our grandparents. Our foster children. Our disabled. These are our vulnerable loved ones who need the most loving care.

Let’s be honest: Abuse happens. It happens every single day – In Community-based Residences for adults and children with brain and spinal cord injuries, in long-term care facilities for adults with intellectual and development disabilities and in homes for elders.

These facilities were supposed to offer help for you, not become havens for abusers to take advantage of people. But the worst part? Many of these organizations cut corners and severely slashed budgets, which created a culture of hidden abuse with tragic results.

While a lawsuit cannot change the fact that a family member was abused, it can help you hold the facility accountable and protect others from being hurt by the same cycle of abuse.

Some of these facilities may include

  • The Mentor Network
  • Aveanna Healthcare
  • Other facilities serving vulnerable individuals

It’s time to hold these institutions accountable for allowing abuse to happen. But you have to take the first step. Contact us today to learn how you can take your power back by filing a lawsuit.

“LAWSUIT: Disabled woman raped and impregnated at Escambia County health care facility owned by Mentor Healthcare”

-News Article by Chorus Nylander – January 17, 2019 –

For Them, It’s All About Saving Money, Even at the Expense of Safety

It’s hard to believe that some of the most vulnerable people – intellectually and physically challenged children and adults – could be the target of abuse. Yet, there is a history of predators targeting those who may be the easiest prey.

There is also evidence that suggests a number of for-profit facilities associated with healthcare for the vulnerable may be cutting corners to save money, meaning:

  • Less attention paid in hiring practices
  • Less oversight in day-to-day care of family members who truly need the extra help to live their best possible lives
  • Inadequate facility and care management

While cutting corners may mean more money in the owners’ pockets, it also means sub-par care for those who really need it – and it means that abuse can happen unchecked in the shadows.

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“One nurse slept on the job. Another didn’t show up at all. A third scalded a child so badly that her skin peeled.”

-News Article by Sabrina Willmer – October 22, 2019 –


If your family member was hurt by this neglect, contact us today to learn how you can help hold these entities accountable for allowing abuse to happen.

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