You Didn't Want to Hear "Oh Crap" When Your Doctor Removed Your Paragard

Something wasn’t right during your Paragard removal (took forever, multiple removal attempts). This means it may have broken.

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# Paragard Lawsuit

Paragard Was Supposed to Be a Safer IUD – Except It Wasn’t.

Navigating the complex landscape of birth control can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what’s right for you. You thought maybe an IUD instead of a pill. Less maintenance, right? And you didn’t want those extra hormones; you heard they may not be safe. Paragard seemed like the perfect answer: an easy, low-maintenance, hormone-free solution.

All you wanted was (1) a birth control device proven to prevent pregnancy and (2) to be using a safe medical device, right?

We hate to say it, but: Paragard failed you.

Paragard has been linked to a series of health problems, such as breaking during removal and requiring surgery to remove the broken pieces. The terrifying part? This means a woman may never be able to have children again.

This isn’t right. Making smart decisions about your reproductive health should NOT cost you your ability to have a child if you choose to do so.

Contact us now to file a Paragard lawsuit and send a message that this is not okay.

“The ‘Broken’ IUD”

A 2015 article titled “The ‘Broken’ IUD: Its Detection And Clinical Management,” published in the Open Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports, explored data on a series of broken IUDs, all Paragard. The article notes that while IUDs are a popular form of birth control and can be both safe and effective, clinicians should be more aware of the potential dangers of IUDs breaking.

Paragard IUD has also been linked to other problems, including:

  • Movement (or migration) of the device
  • Device breakage
  • Broken pieces of the IUD embedded into the uterus
  • Inflammation caused by residue from the copper wire
  • Need for additional surgery to remove pieces of the device
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Filing a Paragard Lawsuit Isn’t Just About Money, It’s About Helping Protect Others.

Getting an IUD shouldn’t make you lose your ability to grow your family. While a lawsuit can’t change that, it can help you pay for expensive medical bills, such as surgeries needed to remove pieces of the IUD or help cover for time off work. But most importantly, a lawsuit can help send a message to the manufacturers of Paragard that this isn’t okay.

By filing a lawsuit, you can help protect other women from being hurt by Paragard in the future. Contact us today for a completely free and confidential consult with a Paragard lawyer.

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