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It Wasn’t Just You.
Sex Traffickers Enslave Thousands Every Single Day.

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Trafficking Is Growing at an Alarmingly High Rate.

Business is booming for sex traffickers.

Human Trafficking (meaning trafficking for purposes of both sex and labor) is reported to be the second most profitable criminal activity in the US1 with sources indicating $99 Billion in illegal profits yearly in the US alone for sexual exploitation.2

Not only has the number of potential traffickers referred to US attorneys for offenses grown by almost 50% from 2011 to 2021,3 but calls for help to The National Human Trafficking Hotline have increased exponentially.4

Many Trafficking Survivors Blame Themselves & Do Not Realize There is Hope Through Civil Litigation.

It doesn’t matter how it started, or whether your trafficking was “physical” or online (sextortion) — you are not at fault.

If you have been lured into trafficking, contact A Case for Women today.

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Help us stop trafficking by holding accountable the irresponsible companies that have looked the other way – think hotels, employment agencies, and Make-You-A-Star schemes.

These companies and the people who took advantage of you are at fault, and it’s time to hold them accountable through civil legal action.

Sex Trafficking – It’s Not What You Think.

Yes, we know there is a stereotype. But IRL, things are quite different.

The critically acclaimed film, “I Am Jane Doe,”5 released in 2017, depicts what we see over and over again at A Case for Women: “regular” kids from “regular” homes lured into trafficking by the skillful manipulations of traffickers. The traffickers turn the normal teenage desire for acceptance, love, and fame into a web that is easy to get into but hard to leave.

Increasingly, children and teens are being targeted online in chat rooms, through video games, on dating apps, and through mainstream social media.

Of course, there are factors that can make someone more vulnerable, but these account for only about half of trafficking, so it’s important to realize that kids from “the best of homes” can get ensnared.

Indications of Vulnerability:6

  • An unstable living situation

  • Previous exposure to domestic violence or assault

  • In the child welfare, juvenile justice, and foster care systems

  • Runaways

  • Economic hardship

  • Undocumented immigrant status

  • Substance abuse

Bottom line – while any instability can put someone at greater risk, NO ONE is safe from trafficking because it can happen so subtly, and the overtures generally seem authentic, helpful, and even loving.

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“Sextortion,” Non-Physical Sex Exploitation, Is Booming.

Financial sexual extortion, sextortion for short, is a fast-spreading wave of non-physical exploitation that targets mostly boys 14-17 on platforms like Pornhub (MindGeek), Roblox, and Discord. Sophisticated recruiters posing as kids trick targets into sending recruiters explicitly sexual photos and video footage known as CSAM, child sexual abuse material.

The first compromising photos are likely obtained by convincing targets that they’re chatting with a flirty girl or boy who has uncannily similar interests and backgrounds. The romantic interest sends a provocative selfie, then urges the prey to reciprocate.

The FBI says predators spring the trap as soon as the first explicit photos are captured, suddenly revealing their identity and threatening to expose the images unless there is financial payoff. OR, in lieu of money (what kid has that kind of money?) the target is coerced to send more sexually explicit images.

Teens, distraught over the possibility of their explicit phots being shared, have turned to self-destructive behavior and even suicide. Between October 2021 and March 2023, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security received over 13,000 reports of financial sextortion of a minor involving nearly that entire number (12,600) of kids under 18. During this short time, 20 suicides were attributed to sextortion.7

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Reclaim Your Power through Civil Action. ACFW Can Help.

Common misconception: civil litigation isn’t about putting your trafficker behind bars. It’s going after the bigger network of businesses that turn a blind eye to trafficking because it makes them money. These kinds of businesses can include hotels, transportation services, employment agencies, and others. The good news is that survivors have been having success in holding these businesses accountable.

According to a 2018 Polaris Survivor Survey, more than sixty percent of sex-trafficking victims said that they were forced to sell sex from hotels.8

“We focus not enough on how human trafficking intersects with the legitimate economy,” Louise Shelley, the director of George Mason University’s Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and Corruption Center, said. “This is one of the key points in the supply chain where it does.” 9

Where We Come In.

A Case for Women is an organization of women helping women. We have joined with powerhouse law firms across the country to help you take legal action if you were trafficked.

Together we are dedicated to bringing more attention to the issue of trafficking, helping survivors speak out and take legal action, using lawsuits to provide monetary compensation to survivors, and taking down the entities that have supported this industry.

We are going after hotel franchises, transportation companies, and other businesses that have enabled cultures of trafficking. In the last 8 years, we have helped fight a long list of wrongdoers, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, former doctors Larry Nassar, Robert Anderson, and Robert Hadden, as well as Uber and Lyft.

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Seeking justice is a powerful contributor to healing and getting your life back.

Even if you’re involved in a criminal case with your trafficker, you can still file civil charges.

All of the lawyers we work with operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay anything to get started. There is zero obligation in talking to us and everything is confidential; the power is in your hands.

Together, A Case for Women and our partner law firms are dedicated to turning the tide of sex and labor trafficking and to helping survivors seek and obtain justice.

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