Change Your Life by Taking a Stand

Women and children are disproportionately hurt by Big Pharma, financial scams, pay disparity, sexual assault and even toxic chemicals.

Yet most women do not understand how or when to use legal action to protect themselves and their families.

A Case for Women® is out to change that.

Meet: Women Empowerment.

Got Hurt? Stand Up.


Rideshare Abuse

JUUL E-cigarettes

Talcum Powder


Allergan Breast Implants

Get hurt.
Say it’s wrong.
Stand up.
Be the change.

A Case for Women® is all about informing women about the affordable legal options that are available if and when they’ve been hurt by one of the Big Bads – negligent pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, product manufacturers or even companies or schools that “look the other way” when women are assaulted. These (and other) institutions have taken advantage of women for far too long.

Not anymore.

How It Works…


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Potential for Life-Changing Financial Compensation

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We Solemnly Swear…

Our mission is to transform the way women think about and access legal and other powerful action.

It’s time for women to harness their power to create change.

So long staying quiet, thinking you’re the only one.

So long getting walked all over by nameless corporations.

See ya’ later discrimination and abuse. Bye bye profiting off of my pain.

A Free Consult is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Real Women Talking…

You have to be hurt by one of these negligent corporations yourself to really understand just how powerful and important A Case for Women is. I support A Case for Women as a voice for the countless women I’ve met who’ve been tremendously hurt, by the nightmare created by pharmaceutical giants, called transvaginal mesh, including my mother.

Aaron Leigh HortonThe Mesh Warrior

This ignites a lot of emotions and makes me feel like someone actually cares, is listening and will help do something about years of neglect.

Harriet Kelly GibbeBusinesswoman, Mother and New Member of the ACFW Tribe

Review From Facebook: As I look back and noticed none of my problems started until after Essure... I'll never get rid of the problems I have incurred but going forward the pain is less. The ladies here at A Case for Women are absolutely wonderful. I have been talking to them and they have helped me get a lawyer. If you even want someone to talk to about things get in touch with them. They actually care and most guys don't. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

Chasiti FosterNew Member of the ACFW Tribe, Team Essure

I talk to women every day who are confused and frustrated by the process of hiring a law firm after being harmed by the pharmaceutical industry. We take the health and well-being of women very seriously, and it is critical that more women understand when and how to access legal help. A Case for Women fills a gaping hole by providing honest, understandable information about the ways plaintiffs’ attorneys can help.

Rachel BrummertPresident and Executive Director of the Quinolone Vigilance Foundation

A Case for Women empowers women by educating them about the work of plaintiffs’ lawyers — a legal resource that is misunderstood due to the stereotyped and male-centered late night ads. I know firsthand that women need the clear communication and transparency that A Case for Women is providing. I also know that women need greater access to plaintiffs’ lawyers.

Elizabeth Cronise MclaughlinCEO/Lead Executive Coach & Founder, The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, and Former Plaintiffs’ Lawyer

So very proud to tell you about my friend, Susan Jones Knape. I Met Susan when she had a playpen in her office. She was instrumental in helping launch Visions: An Event for Women in 1991. Her commitment to women is long and strong.

Susan Ziller BrazellDoer, and Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellance from the American Women in Radio and Television

Why A Case For Women?

Because you need understandable information about legal services that you could access without paying one cent up-front. (Yes, you read that right.)

Because the websites and ads for plaintiffs’ lawyers (the ones that work on contingency fees) are way too confusing and often misleading.

Because you need to take care of yourself, and you may have options you’ve never even thought of, like connecting with advocacy groups!

And, because, well, women get things done.

Women keep us safe. Women take care of their families. But who takes care of us?

We do.

Corporate negligence, meet A Case for Women.

We’re made for women, by women and because of women and together, well, let’s just say you’ll hear us roar.