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It Wasn’t Just You. Abercrombie & Fitch Created a Culture Where Young Women Were at Risk.

Hold A&F Accountable.

If you were sexually assaulted by a superior while working at A&F, you may be able to join the lawsuit.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Lawsuit

A History Of Predatory Practices Including Sexual Assault

The Netflix documentary White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch reveals the once-meteoric company’s rampant racism and discriminatory hiring tactics. But White Hot barely discusses the equally dark side of A&F’s brand: the worship of youth, beauty and vitality above all else, including professional, moral and criminal conduct, which led to an implicit rape culture.

It’s easy to imagine: young women right out of college hired because of their looks and style. Their sexiness promoted all day. Then they are taken to meetings, happy hours, and late-night drinks by their supervisors. These events were not required, yet they were paid for by the company, and there was a certain expectation that if invited, you go.

The “Good Life” Was Part Of The Brand.

However, the young women, eager to please and unsure about business decorum, did not ask for what happened next. And it did happen.


Don’t minimize what happened to you by thinking it wasn’t bad enough or that it was your fault.

Not A Pretty Picture Inside Those Mahagony Walls

Overt sexualization. Being cool, no matter the cost. Acting the part of the low-slung jeans model – this is what both young men and women were trained to do. A&F’s branding was clear and effective in terms of sales. It was also destructive in terms of emotional and sexual harassment.

It’s time to hold A&F accountable for the dangerous environment it created where sexual impropriety was, at best, tolerated and, at worst, commended.

Why does it matter now? Because now men and women who were once employed by Abercrombie & Fitch and sexually abused by an authority figure such as a manager, district manager or regional manager, have the opportunity to hold A&F responsible for hiding potential company-wide sexual abuse its leaders likely were aware of.


We’ve Been Here Before.

A Case for Women is an organization of mission-driven women helping others take their power back after being abused by predators under the negligent eye of profiteering institutions. In 2019, we were honored to help several women assaulted by a person in a position of power take legal action by connecting them to equally mission-driven and women-owned law firms. It is our honor to work with plaintiff law firms that provide affordable services on a contingency-fee basis. On this initiative, we are working Brooke Cohen and Jennifer Lenze, attorneys who have gone up against this company before in cases involving sexual assault.

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