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Hernia Mesh Hurt So Many. Now What?

Three words: Hernia Mesh Lawsuit — because women have finally had enough!

If you were implanted with hernia mesh after 2005, you may have a unique opportunity to stand up to powerful pharma and say that what happened to you and others was not right. By doing so you will take part in a movement of people fighting for healthier medical alternatives; you also may be able to receive financial compensation for what happened.

Contact A Case For Women to learn about the hernia mesh lawsuit and unsafe medical devices. We’ll get back to you ASAP to help you learn your options and how to make a meaningful impact.

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We wish no one had to feel it. It can start with a pain, out of nowhere. Like one minute you’re a normal person and the next you’re headed to the ER. Yep – that’s mesh pain, and it can happen in an instant. Sadly, in addition to the killer pain, problems from hernia mesh can include horrible, life-threatening infections, the need for repeated “revision” surgeries and loss of the lifestyle you once had. If you’re suffering we so want to talk to you and help you learn your options. You are not alone with this; please reach out to learn more. 






(We’ve literally had enough.)

The pharmaceutical drugs and devices we rely on often carry a dirty little secret — they may not be as safe as we think they are. Even worse, they may not be as safe as our doctors think they are — or as safe as their “studies” tend to claim. Welcome to 21st Century health care, where doctors and patients rely on the mega profit-driven pharma industry to tell the truth about their products, and the regulating party (FDA) is so seriously underfunded that oversight is limited. The bad news is that many types of hernia mesh are still on the market and being implanted in women and men every day. The good news is that WE’VE HAD IT — and we’re taking action! 


We have a particular soft spot for everyone who wasn’t even told what was being put in their body (surgical mesh) or how it would affect them (all those horrible, horrible risks). You have every right to know what’s being put in your body… and why. We’re helping women and men take back the reins to their health by saying “NO” to pharma companies hiding and withholding important information from both doctors and patients. Contact us to learn how to get involved!







It will take all
of us to get out
of this mess with mesh. 

Join Us, Take Action!

Everything at Stake

Moms at Risk 
Fact: Birthing a child should be an Olympic sport. It’s a massive physical feat, and it takes its toll, including potentially causing a variety of hernias. Pretty much the last thing new moms need is a hernia mesh device gone wrong. Sadly, so many moms were implanted with hernia mesh during a c-section or follow-up postpartum surgeries. Imagine being told, “I’m going to fix this potential hernia,” right when you’re going into labor. Extra maddening? Sometimes the mesh used was not even properly cut to fit a women’s frame. Maddening, but not surprising: Dangerous pharma has a long history of hurting women most.  

Men at Risk
From roofers to construction to postal workers. From people with chronic coughs to cystic fibrosis. Hernias do not discriminate — though men are eight times more likely to develop an “inguinal” (groin) hernia than are women. That may translate to more men getting hernia mesh, and having their lives – and that of their families – torn apart.

About That Mesh 
Hernia mesh is a code word for surgical mesh, a type of mesh that is used in all types of body parts. When some women went to the doctor saying, “I for sure don’t want transvaginal mesh!,” they may have been reassured that the mesh being used was different. That’s not necessarily true – it’s much more like same mesh, different body part. 

Our name is a tribute and call to action to American women who stand up every day for their sisters and their families. But just because we’re called “A Case for Women” doesn’t mean we don’t work with men. The truth is we especially need men to stand up, so many were irreparably hurt, and their standing up will play a big part in making this right.

If you or someone you love was hurt by hernia mesh please reach out to us, no matter who or what they are, we need all of us to make an impact!

Do Something About It

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