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The Troubled Teen Industry is in Trouble.

Paris Hilton’s Book Sparks Flood of Abuse Reports.

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#Troubled Teen Abuse

The Troubled Teen Industry – Growing & Yet Operating Largely in The Shadows.

Troubled kids are dollar signs – about $23 billion in America this year. Since the 1970s, a sprawling network of “therapeutic” behavioral centers has grown up in the United States operating under minimal government regulation and with laughable disciplinary consequences. The industry cons parents and damages kids for life, and hardly anyone even knows about it.

If you or your child was hurt in one of these facilities or, God forbid, died, please contact us to discuss a possible lawsuit.

These facilities have been known to spare no expense in using manipulative marketing tactics to lure parents into the programs. Some children have even been known to choose to go to these facilities because of how well the school is advertised.

– NBC, Utah.

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Paris Hilton knows what it looks like on the inside.

As a survivor herself, she is a powerful advocate for change. A Case For Women wholeheartedly supports Paris’ efforts to bring awareness to the so-called troubled teen industry.

October 2023 – A Case for Women team with Paris Hilton

How Many Kids Are We Talking?

The troubled teen industry is gangbusters lucrative because a lot of American kids wind up in trouble. Between 120,000-200,000 US minors under 18 are placed in thousands of these programs every year by parents, schools, the foster system, and the juvenile system for various reasons – addiction, emotional disorders, anger, rebellion, even gender identity.

True, the programs are for-profit, but they receive close to half a trillion annually in government funding, on top of parents paying upwards of $12,500/month.1 Since parents are deceived, they don’t realize what can happen to their child inside these walls: your troubled child may be strip-searched, hosed, isolated in a tiny cell, physically/emotionally abused, sexually abused, dehumanized, deprived of sunlight and fresh air.

Former patients have compared these centers with the insane asylums of centuries past. Future generations will look back on many of the tactics used in the troubled teen industry in the same way we look back on forced lobotomies and ask: How did we allow these practices to pass off as mental health treatment for so long?

– New York Times2

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Paris Hilton Commands a Crusade.

When Paris Hilton’s book PARIS: A MEMOIR was released in March 2023, she tore the lid off hidden abuse tactics occurring in therapy facilities – mostly for rich kids, but not all – writing about the 11 months she spent at Provo Canyon School in Utah in the 1990s. She was 17 when her parents had her kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night by strangers and taken there.

She and others were sexually assaulted in the wee hours of the night during “gynecological exams” in the basement.

Provo administrators stretched her stay by falsifying her progress reports. When she tried telling her parents what was happening on the phone, staff immediately hung up the phone and sent her to isolation – a tiny cement cell without a blanket or toilet.

Hilton met with lawmakers from both sides on Capitol Hill in March 2023 to push a new bill to finally regulate the industry after many past attempts have failed. The bill would create federal data collection and reporting standards and define practices for states to prevent abuse. As of September 2023, The Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act has passed in the House but not the Senate.

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We Don’t Want to Waste a Watershed Moment.

While Paris Hilton takes on the media circuit and rallies survivors for peaceful protests, A Case for Women wants to make this a cultural moment. We were formed in 2016 to help hurt people find their voice and come forward to seek restorative justice after a life-jolting injury, including admission by those responsible and potential financial compensation for the damage that happens when people in charge look the other way.

We don’t look the other way. A Case for Women has helped thousands of sexual assault survivors, including survivors of MSU’s disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar, University of Michigan’s Dr. Robert Anderson, and Columbia University’s Dr. Robert Hadden.

Holding those responsible to account is crucial to getting back who you are after a traumatic incident, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).3

Our job is to help you take your power back after an injustice.

The attorneys we work with all operate on contingency. You pay nothing unless they win for you. We don’t charge you either, for guiding you through legal options and first steps then connecting you with a legal team to move your case forward.

There are no patient rights in the shadows. Reports from survivors who’ve made it out say they are far more troubled than when they went in. What’s left is for you to tell the world what happened. We want to help. Contact us 24/7/365.

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It’s called “code silence” when residents are socially isolated, forbidden to talk to each other or their families under threat of physical isolation. And it can last indefinitely – if “sufficient” progress isn’t made.

#BreakingCodeSilence is a counter-movement originally formed in 2014 by adults who were formerly troubled teens held against their will. The campaign was created to encourage former “inmates” to speak out against the horrific abuses endured inside these walls. Since the release of PARIS, and because of Paris Hilton’s activism, it’s gone viral.

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