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Uber Sexual Assault Happens Way Too Often. Lyft Too.

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Uber Sexual Assault Is a Thing (Lyft Too!) – But It’s Not Your Fault.

If you were sexually assaulted riding in an Uber or Lyft, it was wrong. You were assaulted: plain and simple. So, stop blaming yourself! You hired a company to drive you safely because that is what they were supposed to do. It does not matter if you were up all night drinking and wearing the skimpiest of skirts. In fact, it makes us angry that we even must explain this, but because we are women – well, we get it.

Also, let’s not forget drivers. Unbelievably (or maybe believably), women drivers are at risk, too.

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The Irony of It All.

The core concept of both rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, is that they are supposed to provide safe transportation. How ironic is it then that both companies are in lawsuits over safety – specifically the safety of women.

Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Power with the Help of An Understanding Uber Sexual Assault Lawyer.

Psychiatrists and therapists agree that one of the best ways to heal sexual trauma is to take back your power by speaking up. We’re here to help you do just that – but not in a scary way.

We’re all about civil legal action. That means we aren’t here to help you put your assailant behind bars (although that is not a bad idea; it’s not what we do + you can do both).

“When we got to a red light I jumped out of the car and ran into the store that was literally right by the light.”

We are here to help you file a civil lawsuit against the defendant (Uber or Lyft). We work with a select number of dedicated rideshare assault lawyers across the country who will go to bat for you on a contingency fee basis – so it literally costs you NOTHING to talk to us about your potential Uber assault lawsuit, and you only pay a percentage if and when your case is favorably concluded, all taken from the case result (plus all expenses incurred in the lawsuit, such as filing fees). To guide you with first steps and put everything in place so that you can make a connection with an Uber sexual assault attorney, A Case for Women charges you nothing.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

In most states, you have only three years from the date of assault to file a civil lawsuit; in some states, it is even less – so please don’t wait too long.

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What If It Happened to Your Daughter, Your Wife, Your Friend?

When you book a ride, your safety is on the driver’s integrity from Point A to B. Uber claims that more than 99% of its billions of trips annually are uneventful, but the percentage that go wrong mean thousands of scenes in the backseat after a driver veers from the route and parks in the dark.

“I tried to get out as he started driving because he had a weird look on his face — when I found the door locked he hit the gas.”

What We Can Do.

Since ACFW was formed in 2017, our primary mission has been improving safety for all women.

First, through social media and marketing campaigns, we let you know that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone. We encourage survivors to come forward, to file an Uber sexual assault lawsuit or a Lyft sexual assault lawsuit and move not only towards financial compensation but, more importantly, restoration and peace of mind.

“About 6-7 minutes into the ride we came to a red light and he turned around — grabbed my thigh and tried to go up my dress and then started grabbing my head and pulling me into him.”

We would rewrite the past if we could.

Significant Changes from the Pressure of Women Speaking Up.

We’ve come so far, especially in just a few years. If you were hurt in 2019, for instance, neither company would have been able to provide you with the name of your driver. Now you know the name and face and car model/color/ license before s/he pulls up to the curb.

Finally, in March 2021, Uber and Lyft announced they would share the names of drivers deactivated over the most severe safety incidents, including sexual assaults. This is momentous because in too many instances predatory drivers have skipped from one platform to another. Or they got a pass and kept driving for the same platform.

“He exposed himself as I was getting out of his car and retrieving my grocery bags.”

In 2017, Uber agreed to release comprehensive safety reports every two years; it has now published two and the next one is due in 2024. Lyft at last agreed to release its long-awaited first report on October 22, 2022. Advocates and industry analysts say these biennial stat reports are more critical than any other tool for successfully combating the situation. Except, nobody knows how many events go unreported.

Uber’s evolving in-app safety features have also been impressive since 2019, not just with driver details before you get in but after you’re inside the vehicle, including capability to videotape the entire trip, 911 panic button, ability to contact a live ADT security agent if you sense something is off and Rapid SOS (remote route tracking sensors).

Lyft has added an emergency button that connects you to a live ADT agent who can then call 911 if necessary. You must double-tap Safety Tools and turn on Location Sharing to allow friends and family to track your location.

“I fell out backwards into the street; someone at a nearby business called the police.”

Uber and Lyft both began doing continuous background screening for drivers in 2019, but the process has become more resolute. Uber’s hiring protocol was recently compared to a no-fly zone with executives claiming 500,000 prospective drivers had failed to pass the screening process in 2019-20 and more than 80,000 had since been removed from the app based on information in criminal background checks.

Women drivers (repeat) are also at risk. Former Lyft driver Cherri Murphy, a spokesperson for the advocacy group Gig Workers Rising, questioned whether driving for Uber was safe (NY Times, June 30, 2022).

“All they say is, ‘Oh, sorry that this happened to you, we’ll make sure you never get a ride with him again. And we’ll investigate this.’ But we never know what’s gonna happen because they don’t ever tell us.”

Uber responded by saying the pandemic delayed its data gathering, but asserted that drivers were accused of assault in 56 percent of cases and riders in 43 percent. Drivers were the victims in 39 percent and riders in 61 percent, per The New York Times.

It’s Time to Speak Up With An Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuit.

Over and over again, we’ve been witness to the power of speaking up. Think about the gymnasts who were abused by Larry Nassar and how they sparked change in sports medicine. We were there as they found their voices – just as we have been there for survivors of church abuse, trafficking, Dr. Hadden abuse, Dr Fabio Ortega, and so much more. Let us be here for you.

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