Women Assaulted By NYC Gynecologist Dr. Robert Hadden Are Coming Together to Take Legal Action

If you were sexually assaulted by Gynecologist Robert Hadden, you may be able to join other women and take legal action.

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# Dr. Richard Hadden Lawsuit

BREAKING NEWS: Evelyn Yang Says Dr. Robert Hadden Sexually Assaulted Her in 2012

In January 2020, news outlets reported on a frightening new story: Evelyn Yang, wife of presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, was sexually assaulted by her then-gynecologist Dr. Robert Hadden when she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Yang’s testimony helped shine a light on something that appears to be a pattern: at least two dozen other women have accused the same gynecologist of sexual misconduct.

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. Robert Hadden, formerly of New York-Presbyterian Columbia Hospital, you may be able to join these women in their battle for justice. Contact us ASAP to learn how you can take powerful legal action that may be able to help protect other women from being hurt.

In 2014, Dr. Hadden was indicted in New York on charges of sexual abuse, forcible touching and criminal sexual acts – all based on allegations from six of Hadden’s patients. Two years later, Hadden made a plea deal to avoid jail time.

Now, Evelyn Yang is one of at least 30 women who are suing Dr. Hadden and the hospital system, claiming the two conspired and enabled the crimes.

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