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If you were abused by a teacher or faculty member at Choate Rosemary Hall, please do not keep this to yourself or attempt to handle this on your own. Healing comes from taking action. We have helped many sexual abuse survivors across the country deal with their abuse and learn how and when to take legal action.

We are available now for completely confidential, free consults to talk about your options.


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Choate has come forward with an investigative report detailing years of sexual abuse, cover-ups and failures to protect their students from teachers’ inappropriate conduct. In addition, the report highlights time and time again that parents were generally only alerted months after the abuse occurred, that teachers were allowed to maintain their positions for years, and that, when teachers were finally dismissed, it was without appropriate reporting to authorities.  

For decades, students of Choate may have felt as if they were unable to identify a single safe administrator at the school with whom to speak. They did not believe there was any way for them to find a solution, to hope that their abuser would be held accountable or that they would be kept safe from further abuse. 

Finally now, Choate cannot stop what’s coming.