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Hurt By Nassar at MSU? There Are Only A Few Days Left to Come Forward

By August 20, 2018August 17th, 2020Sex Abuse

UPDATE: It appears as if any women woman who was hurt by Nassar at MSU has only days left to take legal action, as cases should likely be filed by September 1st. If you are considering taking legal action, please do not wait — talk to us to learn your options — and how you can take legal action that feels safe and comfortable to you — before it’s too late. Simply contact us by submitting this form or text us at 517-234-4160.

As a mother with an 18-year-old daughter who was a gymnast for years, as a woman who has been there, and as an attorney who works to assist women in getting fair, faithful, quality representation, I am outraged by Larry Nassar and Michigan State. How can I not be? How can we as mothers, women, or professionals protect our daughters and ourselves when people in trusting places of power prey upon innocence and trust?

This question unsettles me as I get ready to send my daughter off to college. On some level though, I am relieved that she lives in a time when courageous females are paving the way for others to come forward and face their abusers. I am not saying it is easy to do — it takes immense bravery to speak out after being victimized, yet thankfully women now have a voice that is being heard. Thankfully, my daughter lives in a time when the shaming of victims into silence is being put to an end.

In fact, I can see the tide changing both personally and professionally. On a personal level, this story says it all. Last year, my daughter wrote a college essay on a famous person she most wanted to meet. Knowing her love of all things gymnastics, it did not come as a surprise that she chose Aly Raisman. In her first draft, she wrote how in World War II, Jewish athletes couldn’t participate in the Olympics, yet in 2012 Aly choose the Hava Nagila for her floor routine as if to say, “I am proud of my heritage; I am proud and unafraid to be me.”  By the time the application deadline approached though, my daughter rewrote her essay. Yes, she was still proud of Aly for choosing the Israeli folk song for her floor routine, but she was even more amazed by Aly’s courage in facing Dr. Nassar. She had followed the Larry Nassar story closely and watched in awe as Aly confronted her abuser on television. Her essay now said, not only did she want to meet Aly because of her bravery at the Olympics, but she also wanted to meet this young woman who faced her abuser head on. My daughter wanted to thank Aly for becoming an even greater role model.

Professionally, I assist women in finding legal representation in cases like the Larry Nassar/MSU lawsuit. Sadly, not a day goes by when I don’t hear about some new case of sexual abuse. I am encouraged though that women now are speaking out in mass, and I encourage women to continue to speak out. We need to stop predators like Larry Nassar from preying upon others, from using their power to gain the trust of their victims only to harm them gravely afterwards. Through legal action, women have the voice to say they cannot get away with it any longer. We have the voice to say, “no more!”.

If you or someone you know was hurt by Larry Nassar, please contact us at A Case for Women by submitting this form or texting us at 517.234.4160. We can help you find your voice and learn about the power of legal action to change lives.

– Brooke

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