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To the Survivors of Larry Nassar’s Abuse at MSU: YOUR TIME MAY BE UP SOON

By July 17, 2018August 17th, 2020Sex Abuse

Currently, there may be only T-minus 45 days left to file a claim to participate in the MSU settlement if you were a minor when assaulted and if you are now 28 or older.

We haven’t met you, but we know you. We have talked with you. We have heard the fear in your voices when you told us your secrets. Sometimes it’s the first time you have acknowledged the abuse out loud. We understand that often you are speaking words not even your mothers have heard.

So we cry with you.

But then we grow strong, for you and with you. We tell you about legal action that can help you take your power back. And we see you move from victim to survivor.

Sometimes it takes time for you to move forward. However, today we are here to alert you in the strongest possible way: there is very little time left to join the MSU settlement if you were a minor when Nassar assaulted you and you are now 28 or older.

Hurt and want to know your options before it’s too late? Contact us here for a totally free, confidential and anonymous consult, or text us anytime at 517-234-4160.

The Michigan Public Act 183 of 2018 allows for only 90 days from the day it was enacted to take legal action against Nassar and MSU and participate in the $500 million settlement fund set aside for ALL survivors, not just the women who have already spoken out.

Yes, we know that this seems like an impossibly short amount of time, but this deadline is real. Please take notice and share this information in your communities.

There has been a great deal of news coverage about the $500 million settlement, but there is little talk about deadline for applying for compensation and the enacted and pending legislation that may affect your right to compensation. If you do not speak up and take action quickly before the deadline then you may not be able to join the settlement or apply for this compensation again. 

You have already been hurt and we do not want you to experience more pain by missing out on the opportunity to be compensated for the harm done to you. We understand it cannot fix what has been done, but it sends a loud message that it should never happen again!

Please contact us here if you would like to know more about the MSU settlement. You can also text us privately at 517-234-4160.

With solidarity,