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Ohio Duo Sexually Abused Students for Years

What They Did Was Unthinkable.

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Huck Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Paige and Matthew Huck Used Their Positions at River Valley to Assault Vulnerable Teens.

Not only are Paige Huck and her former husband still free. They assaulted the teens they were hired to teach, coach and protect – they did it FOR YEARS.

Thankfully, Paige Huck was arrested in August (2023) on six felony counts of unlawful sexual misconduct with minors. But her ex-husband Matthew is still free..

What we want to know is this; How did this abuse go on so long and involve so many kids? Where was the school leadership? We believe it is time to hold River Valley High School accountable.

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Gallia County community residents and local police have told reporters they believe more survivors will come forward, according to the Columbus Dispatch, calling the lawsuits filed thus far “the tip of the iceberg.” 1

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River Valley High School – What Did They Know? What Did They Do?

The civil lawsuit in this case claims that multiple principals of River Valley High School, and at least one former superintendent of Gallia County Local Schools knew about the allegations against the Hucks as early as 2004 and yet did nothing.

That is 19 years of doing nothing.

But there’s more … The civil lawsuit also indicates that a report was made to Gallia County Jobs and Family Services in late 2016, after a nude photograph of Paige Huck was discovered on a student’s phone, The agency’s report even affirmed there were SnapChat exchanges between Mrs. Huck and students and indicated the images may have constituted a federal crime – and yet there was never a criminal investigation.

Until now.

According to local Ohio NBC news reports, Mr. Huck would pick up kids and bring them to his wife. They used burner phones to “be discreet” and tell the teens where to park to avoid detection.

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Over the past eight years we have helped thousands of survivors of all types of sexual assault, ranging from Larry Nassar abuse at MSU to clergy abuse to assaults in Ubers and Lyfts.

We want to hear from every survivor – because this is the only way that change happens.


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