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About Talc & How You Can Get Money (Potentially) for All That Hurt

By September 3, 2020February 28th, 2024Talc

What do you need to know?

Talcum Powder

Q: How do I prove that my cancer was caused by talcum powder? I haven’t kept receipts.

A: It’s not your job to prove anything. That is your attorney’s job. Certain types of ovarian cancer have already been scientifically linked to Talcum powder; your attorney will look at your cancer diagnosis, your use of talc, and other factors to determine if you have a case.

Q: Is it just Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder that is linked to cancer?

A: No, several types of powder have all been linked to ovarian cancer:

Including Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower to Shower Baby Powder, and some other brands.

Q: What about other types of cancer, like cervical cancer?

A: No, the only type of cancers that have been scientifically linked to talcum powder are various forms of ovarian cancer like serous, serous invasive, fallopian tube, primary peritoneal, endometrioid, clear cell, and borderline tumors.

Q: If I take part in this lawsuit will I have to go to court?

A: The chances of you having to go to court in this lawsuit are slim to none. The Bellwether or “sample” trials for the talc cases have already been selected. These people will have to go to court, but you will most likely not.

Q: Why do some people have to go to court for these sample trials?

A: The Bellwether or sample trials help the cases move towards settlement. The more cases Johnson & Johnson loses, the sooner they will settle the remainder of the cases.

Q: I don’t have a lot of time, so should I not sign up?

A: This case will not take up a tremendous amount of time and can be handled from your home. It is important to fill out forms when your law firm asks you to do so, so they are able to process your case, but you can do so from your own home.

Q: How do I know this is worthwhile? I have heard that the attorneys make all the money in these types of cases.

A: Cases like these are not low-dollar cases. When a manufacturer creates a product that causes a serious injury like cancer (or sometimes even death), they will generally settle for a significant amount. They attorneys get a lesser percentage than you will get; and if the case doesn’t settle, they get nothing and you pay nothing.

Q: I don’t care about the money really, how will this case make a difference?

A: The more people that take a stand against Johnson & Johnson, the more likely they won’t intentionally hurt people again. This case has already forced Johnson & Johnson to remove their talcum powder from the shelves, so taking action really does help not only you, but also other people down the line!

Q: “I didn’t have ovarian cancer, but my mother/sister/daughter/aunt did – is there anything I can do?”

A: Feel free to pass our information on to anyone you know who this may be relevant for! If your loved one has passed away from ovarian cancer, we are so sorry to hear that. You may be able to take action on their behalf if you had power of attorney or executor status for them, or if you are the next of kin. You can learn about POA status here or contact our team at (214) 214-4759 to check on what options may be available to you.