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The Worst Sexual Predators Are the Ones You Would Never Expect.

Dr. Zhi Cheng of New York-Presbyterian Hospital Was the Worst.

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If You Were Assaulted by Cheng or Any Physician, Please Contact Us Privately About Joining a Civil Lawsuit.

Dr. Zhi Cheng Sexual Assault

New York Doctor Zhi Cheng Held at Rikers for Multiple Sexual Assault Crimes.

NBC nightly news anchors warned viewers the subject matter up next was disturbing: Zhi Alan Cheng, 33, a former gastroenterologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Queens, was indicted August 7, 2023, on 50 new charges of drugging, assaulting and illegally filming 13 unconscious women – some of them patients and at least 6 of them still unidentified.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz is urging anyone yet unidentified in the videos to come forward immediately. We are urging survivors of Cheng to contact us too – about civil legal action.

Cheng was arrested after a former girlfriend told police she found a “horror video” of him attacking her while she was unconscious in his Queens apartment.

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Physician Predators – We have Seen This Nightmare Before

Cheng is the latest in a string of NYC doctors recently indicted for sex assault, including OB/GYN Robert Hadden, 64, and celebrated urologist Darius Paduch, 56. With Cheng, the three have placed the preeminent NY-Presbyterian hospital system under a microscope.

If you believe or suspect you could have been hurt by Cheng or another doctor,  even if you were unconscious at the time and have a hard time remembering, please tell contact us right away for a private consultation.

A Case for Women has helped thousands of sexual assault survivors, including survivors of assault by MSU’s Dr. Larry Nassar, University of Michigan’s Dr. Anderson and Dr. Hadden.

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Abuse May Not Be Limited to New York

Detectives say Cheng has also likely committed sex crimes in Manhattan, Westchester, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Thailand, with possibly many more survivors to come forward.

The assaulted women range in age from 19 to 47. Some were hospital patients in Queens; others met Cheng on online dating sites or visited his apartment. Besides the rape videos discovered at his home, authorities also found various sedating substances. His MO was allegedly anesthetizing his prey with liquid alcohol or injecting drugs into their hospital IV before assaulting them.

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Sex, Lies, & Videotapes for an Outsize Ego.

Cheng allegedly took multiple videos of each assault, which is how authorities have identified the number of victims. On one occasion in 2021, he filmed himself groping an unconscious 37-year-old patient at Presbyterian Queens. That summer, he filmed himself raping a woman he met on a dating app; in the tape, a brown vial is seen on his bed, which authorities say resembles a vial of anesthesia they recovered from his home.

The next month, a 19-year-old woman – Jane – was admitted at Presbyterian Queens for gallbladder surgery. The day before her surgery, Cheng gave her a needless rectal exam before injecting an “unknown substance” into her IV without warning. The woman fell asleep but woke up with intense lower stomach pain. She is suing the hospital for covering up her assault and failing to act after she informed staff that Cheng had “administered a painful injection that made her lose consciousness.” Jane is also demanding the hospital notify “every patient who has ever come into contact with Cheng that he is a serial sex offender.”

Angela Karafazli, a spokesperson for NY-Presbyterian hospital system, told the New York Times about the “numerous stringent patient safety policies and protocols” recently enforced and “additional training for all employees” the hospital has provided since Cheng was arrested in December 2022. “We are appalled and deeply saddened by what these victims and their families have endured.”

Prosecutors say they believe it’s not an isolated incident; rather, an example of repeated systemic failure by hospital administrators. Jane told NBC in an interview concealing her identity: “I no longer want to go to hospitals.”

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Sexual Assault is Always Wrong. But Keeping It a Secret Only Makes Matters Worse.

We understand that speaking up about abuse is difficult. That’s why we are here – to help survivors find a safe place to voice what happened. Not only is it the first step to emotional healing – it is also a way to get justice and to change the system that harbored the predators and enabled them to do so much harm.

Please contact us privately. We will listen to your story and help you join powerful civil legal action if that is possible in your unique situation.

Together, we can change your life and change the world.

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