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How Did Our Beloved Texas Come to This and What Can You Do Now?

Learn more about joining the legal action against the power companies that failed Texas.

Did you have property damage, illness or injury, business income loss, or loss of life?

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We know.

You shivered. You boiled water. You hardly slept. And when you finally went to your makeshift bed using every blanket you could find you worried that you might not wake up in the morning.

Sadly, some of our fellow Texans didn’t wake up. Others got sick. Many lived through that nightmare week only to find themselves with homes so damaged that they were largely uninhabitable due to the torrent of water coming from broken pipes. Household goods and clothing ruined, businesses disrupted, lives forever changed.

But it didn’t have to be this way.

The weather forecasters were telling us way before February 14: This storm is going to be one for the ages. Stock up on groceries, stay off the roads, wrap your outside pipes and keep your heat at 67 degrees to conserve energy. Our energy providers and ERCOT, The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (the group that manages the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers) knew that a cold snow storm was on the way ~ and yet they failed to prepare and protect us.

It’s almost unimaginable – except we lived it too. And now we know that it could have even been worse! In fact, the entire state was less than 5 minutes away from a total breakdown of the power grid. Let that sink in.

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Texas authorities also ignored warnings about the risks associated with extreme cold.
After a 2011 cold snap left millions of Texans in the dark, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission urged the state to winterize its power plants with insulation, heat pipes and other measures. But Texas…partially implemented the recommendations.

– Paul Krugman, The New York Times

# Can I File a Texas Power Outage Lawsuit?

Let’s Pull Together to Hold The Energy Companies Accountable.

We are sad; we are mad and we are out to help as many people as possible get legal representation to go after the inept companies that cared so little for human life. The law firms we work with are all based on contingency fee arrangements so throw that notion of “I can’t afford a lawyer” out the window.

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Now’s the time to contact us if you lost property or, God forbid, lost someone you love during this nightmare.

There was no excuse for this power outage.

After the terrible Texas storm in 2011 an investigation was done to determine what went wrong and what was to be done to prevent future catastrophes. The following are excerpts from the 2011 Report on Outages And Curtailments During the Southwest Cold Weather Event of February 1-5, 2011, prepared by the Staffs of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

“Many generators failed to adequately apply and institutionalize knowledge and recommendations from previous severe winter weather events, especially as to winterization of generation and plant auxiliary equipment…”

“Generators were generally reactive as opposed to being proactive in their approach to winterization and preparedness. The single largest problem during the cold weather event was the freezing of instrumentation and equipment. Many generators failed to adequately prepare for winter…”

“While the probability of a winter event in the predominantly summer peaking Southwest appears to be low, shedding load in the winter places put lives and property at risk. The task force recommends that all entities responsible for the reliability of the bulk power system in the Southwest prepare for the winter season with the same sense of urgency and priority as they prepare for the summer peak season.”

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We Are TEXAS Women Helping TEXAS Women

A Case for Women is based in Dallas, Texas. Our founder and many of the women who work here personally lived through the power outages, so we are with you in this. We spent our week trying to keep our families warm and fed while praying that our homes weren’t destroyed.

It wasn’t easy, but now we are ready to go to work and fight back against the companies whose negligence caused this tragedy.

Are you with us?

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