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By March 5, 2021September 30th, 2021Women's Rights

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

A Challenged World is an Alert World. So Let’s All #ChooseToChallenge

Women keep us safe. They are caregivers, protectors, innovators, community organizers, and national leaders in combating the pandemic. Yet here and around the world, women carry disproportionate burdens and continue to be undervalued.

We get it. A Case for Women is a women-founded, women-run organization that fights every day to help women find equal opportunity and justice under the law. We invite you to join us today in celebrating International Women’s Day– a day set aside to acknowledge women’s achievements and challenge the status quo.

What exactly is International Women’s Day (IWD)?

 IWD is United Nations-sanctioned global holiday celebrated on March 8th every year to celebrate women’s rights and inspire people to act in the ongoing fight for gender equality. IWD is not sponsored by any particular country, group, organization, institution or media hub. The day belongs to women collectively everywhere, and to those who care about human rights. This year’s IWD theme is Choose To Challenge, in recognition of the need to call out gender bias and inequality wherever we see it.

Do we still need IWD?

Yes! Now more than ever. The pandemic has brought even more challenges for women – from job losses to a rise in domestic abuse to the pressures of homeschooling – making the need for this year’s IWD more urgent than ever.

“If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short.” 


Global data released by UN Women suggests that the pandemic could put gender equality back by 25 years as a result of women doing significantly more domestic chores and family care. Healthcare has also been affected. It has been estimated that 9.5 million women and girls worldwide could risk losing access to their contraception and abortion services because of coronavirus, while thousands of other women have missed out on life-saving breast cancer screenings and smear tests. More sobering statistics:

  • 1/3rd of women will experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime
  • 21% of women feel unsafe in public
  • 49 countries do not have laws protecting women from domestic violence
  • 73% of women experience bias at work, yet less than a third of employees are able to recognize bias when they see it. Whether deliberate or unconscious, harder for women to get hired and promoted and negatively impacts their day-to-day work experiences. 

How will you Choose To Challenge?

When one of us is hurt, we must all stand up. So today, do something – no matter how small – to call attention to the plight of our sisters everywhere. We’ve listed sixteen thought-starters to help you commemorate the day. See how many ways you can Choose To Challenge:

  • Show your support on social. Take a photo of yourself raising your hand high and share it on your preferred social media platforms using #ChooseToChallenge and #IWD2021. You can even use these awesome templates to create custom co-branded social media cards.
  • Rethink your immediate reaction to celebrity gossip in the media. Ask yourself; is the woman being fairly represented? Did she really “deserve” it? Would you judge a man in the same way?
  • Take responsibility for ensuring there is parity in your workplace. Talk to your boss, talk to your colleagues, start a movement
  • Patronize women-owned, women-run businesses for the entire day
  • Write an article that might just help someone – victim or perpetrator – discover a path to change
  • Read a book by a feminist icon
  • Take a stand! Politely educate another person when presented with an old school narrative or sexist terminology.
  • Include men in the conversation. Your male colleagues and friends should be feminists too. Encourage them to question any antiquated views.
  • Be a cheerleader to a female friend or colleague
  • Compile a Spotify playlist of great female artists.
  • Send the women in your life quotes and IWD messages. Flowers? Why not!
  • Gather friends and do a virtual online screening of feminist films
  • If you have a daughter, talk to her about what’s going on around her. Watch TV shows and movies that feature strong women.
  • Get behind political candidates who support things we women care about – equal pay, family leave, better healthcare, paid sick days, campus sexual violence, reproductive rights, etc.
  • Donate to a worthy cause
  • Take care of yourself! As primary caregivers, we need to make our own health a priority too – especially during the outbreak of COVID-19.

And finally, if you– or someone you love– has been hurt by discriminatory businesses practices or harmful products, consider legal action. Of women, by women, for women, A Case for Women has helped thousands stand up to these negligent and deceptive businesses and get justice through principled legal action – all while creating lasting social change that benefits all women. 

Learn more at A Case for Women.