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Exactly What Kind of Help Does A Case for Women Provide?

By March 19, 2024March 20th, 2024General

A Case for Women has been called the legal whisperers for good reason: we make lawsuits understandable and accessible to women. The process is two-fold: first, we educate women about issues that plaintiff lawyers are willing to take on via contingency fees. Second, we maintain a vast network of law firms that have the expertise and the experience to represent women when there is an opportunity to take on a “big bad” such as a pharmaceutical company, an institution that harbored sexual predators or the maker of a defective product.

The result is that more women are comfortable joining lawsuits and that’s a good thing for all women.

But we don’t cover every aspect of the law.

The work we do focuses on a specific area of law called civil litigation. We chose to focus here because:

  • Civil litigation creates real societal change. Instead of putting one person in prison (as in criminal litigation), we are able to punish corporations and institutions where it hurts the most – the bottom line.
  • Civil litigation can be handled on a contingency fee basis, so it is affordable for everyone.
  • Civil litigation affirms the harm that has been done to individuals by providing monetary compensation. Yes, we know that money can’t change the past, but it can help get chaotic lives back in order.

Over the past eight years, A Case for Women has helped thousands of women and their families connect with powerhouse law firms in civil litigation against global defendants that have hurt people. These include Bayer for Essure birth control and RoundUp, Johnson & Johnson for talc in baby powder. Uber & Lyft in sexual assault claims, and many more. 

While we are proud of the many people we have helped, it is true that civil litigation isn’t the answer for everyone. Why? Because civil litigation is all about suing a viable defendant – meaning someone or something that has the ability to pay.

That means we are unable to help with these areas of law:

  • Family law: domestic disputes, divorce, custody, or restraining orders 
  • Contractual law: breaches of contract  
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Wills/trusts
  • Insurance claims
  • Emergency assistance when you’re in immediate danger

Please know we try our best to assist, but we have to keep our focus on where we can make a difference.

If you are in a situation where civil litigation might be the answer, please contact us.