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Afghanistan – When It Keeps You Awake, Do This

By August 25, 2021February 22nd, 2024Current Events

The scenes we have all witnessed over the last 12 days have been horrifying, leaving most of us wondering what we can do in light of this massive crisis.

The mechanics of donating can be confusing too, so A Case for Women has compiled this list of organizations that are just a click away – but also verified providers of the help that is needed right now.

Please give whatever you can.

Donate to verifiable rescue missions like  Flyaway: Emergency Afghan Rescue Mission that raised nearly $6 million in 24 hours with 100,000 donors, including A Case for Women.

Identify local organizations and Afghan communities near you to see what resources are already working. As an example, this Atlanta- based group, Refuge Women’s Network, is helping refuge and immigrant women settling in Georgia. Each state and all major cities have their version of this group.

Donate to the International Rescue Committee. This non-profit has been working in Afghanistan for 30 years, has a long track record of success, and has vowed to continue helping people there.

Help women specifically by donating to these organizations.
Women for Women International is collecting donations for its emergency relief fund. Vital Voices, in partnership with Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security, has set up a fund to protect women’s rights activists in Afghanistan and those who have been evacuated from the country.

Support women journalists. CNN’s Clarissa Ward and her crew fled Kabul last week after a verbal Taliban attack in the streets. She reported Afghan women journalists are in great danger. Meanwhile, a Danish organization called International Media Support is partnering with the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee to collect donations to protect the most vulnerable  journalists still in the country.

Support Doctors Without Borders work in Afghanistan. Three thousand DWB personnel have stayed in the country caring for people since the takeover. Here’s where to donate.

The last thing these women need is to worry they will be forgotten by the world after a few weeks.

So, let’s vow not to forget.