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Gun Control: A Woman’s Perspective

By October 5, 2017March 7th, 2024Current Events

We are all still in shock about the tragedy in Las Vegas. While much has been written already about the need for gun control, the senseless legislation that allows people on the “no-fly” list to buy guns and the insane power of the NRA, very little has been written about women’s perspectives on mass shootings and gun control.

So here are some facts.

An astonishing 90% of murders nationally are carried out by men. Mass shootings are all carried out by men, a majority of whom are white. 

A 2014 study at the University of Washington summarized it best:
“Among many mass killers, the triple privileges of white heterosexual masculinity which make subsequent life course losses more unexpected and thus more painfully shameful ultimately buckle under the failures of downward mobility and result in a final cumulative act of violence to stave off subordinated masculinity.”

The victims of these shootings include women, men, and children of virtually every race and nationality. Our men are, literally, killing us. So what are we to do?

1/ Stop imagining that our enemy is someone who “looks different than us.” By focusing the national homeland security discussion on immigrants and foreign terrorism, we are inadvertently giving space for homegrown terrorists (because that’s what they are) to amass guns and kill in the twisted name of patriotism.

2/ Put pressure on the NRA. Call 800-672-3888.
Hit 6 at the first menu. Then hit 0 at the second.
You’ll have to hold a few seconds.
Let them know we see them and we will hold them accountable.

3/ Call every representative of yours who took money from the NRA. Demand common sense gun control. An easy way to do this is to text “Join” to 64433 to join Moms Demand Action on Gun Violence (Everytown).

4/ Find good men and hold them dear. Get them to do everything mentioned above.

With a heavy heart,