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Why We Are Here (True Story)

By October 4, 2017August 17th, 2020Opinion

I t was a little over two years ago that I decided to launch A Case for Women. After two decades in the legal and financial professions, I was more than frustrated by the cultures of these male-dominated industries – power house professions that routinely subdued the voices (not to mention the paychecks) of the women within their own ranks — while asking me to solve their “problems” of retaining women clients.

I was the men’s window dressing, set out to snare women and make them feel like they were safe when in fact I knew in my heart they were not.

Doing that almost killed me. Not to mention that life (AKA God) sent a few signs that my life needed to change. My children’s father died suddenly and tragically. I divorced a man I thought I would never divorce. I was assaulted, harassed, silenced.  And sure enough, my routine blood work had my doctor asking what in the world was going on with me.

Well, here’s what was going on: I was internalizing not only my pain, but the pain I saw in the women around me. In doing so I lost my voice and my ability to fight back against the misogyny and inequality that was (even before Trump’s election) an everyday reality for me and for too, too many other women.

No more.

Since launching A CASE FOR WOMEN I have rediscovered my own voice and it is now officially bad ass. Our company has talked to thousands of women and literally changed their lives. We are warriors for women -not only in the legal realm – but also in the political realm, advocating for legislation that protects our rights.

Looking back over the last 18 months, since our official launch date, I could not be more emboldened, grateful or proud of the work we are doing to help women change their lives through legal action.

Like you, I am sorrowful about Las Vegas, and I almost can not bear to look at photos of Puerto Rico. But I will not be bowed. Neither will you. Together we will do what’s right.

And  A Case for Women will be your safe place, where you will always be honored.



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