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If you were abused by a student or faculty member at Texas A&M University, please do not keep this to yourself or attempt to handle campus assault on your own. We have worked with countless survivors of sexual assault and campus rape across the country as they deal with their abuse and learn how and when to take legal action.

We are available now for Aggies and any twelfth woman who was hurt and wants justice! Contact us for a completely confidential, free consult to talk about your potential options to stand up and help make TAMU safer for all students. 

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It appears as if Texas A&M University chose a side — and it *wasn’t* with survivors of sexual assault and campus rape. Instead, the victims of campus assault may have been silenced and left to handle what happened on their own. That’s not how it’s supposed to work, and perpetrators of abuse should be held accountable. 

In fact, according to a 2015 study mentioned in a Dallas Morning News expose, around 1 in 14 undergraduate students may have been sexually penetrated without content, either by aggressive force or while asleep or incapacitated. That translates to around 1,680 potential sexual assaults at TAMU in the year 2015 alone.

Luckily, twelfth women who were hurt have options. You may be able to take legal action and fight back. Contact us to learn your options — including how to make legal action more comfortable for you! (As in, YES! Women can often file anonymously. And, YES! “Contingency” exists so that no 12th woman has to front the financial costs of filing her claim. Seriously!)