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A Case for Women believes in the power of women’s stories, their voices, their families. We believe in your good days and your bad; that when one of us is hurt, we must all stand up.

Everything We Believe In

Lawsuits Probably Aren’t What You Think They Are  
Instead, lawsuits help to create lasting, powerful change, the kind we’ve been working toward for centuries.

We need equal pay. We need safer medical drugs and devices for women. And guess what? We need it now! (Big YES, to Women Empowerment!)

Staying Quiet Rarely Works
We can’t carry our burdens all alone — instead, by sharing our stories and asking for help, we find our village.

You Need Something Better
We’re not counting on anyone’s conscience to make things safe for women.
We’re counting on that moment when you, your power, meets powerful action.

It’s All So Possible
Taking legal or other action can be easy, effective and have the potential for life-changing financial compensation.

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