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Rife with Sexual Misconduct

Twenty-five years before #MeToo, the eminent NYC brokerage firm of Smith Barney was ordered to pay $150 million to a group of women it employed because of a basement in the Long Island offices called the “Boom, Boom, Boom Room.” A salacious manager had set it up to serve the men cocktails, and they sat around calling the women upstairs “wh-res” and “c–ts,” plotting how the women should be sent down and “dealt” with.

The women filed a civil action and won. On top of the $150 million settlement, Smith Barney was ordered by the women’s lawyers to spend $22 million on training sessions to educate the men on sexual abuse in the workplace.

The story doesn’t end there, though. It isn’t over now. Wall Street – the global finance sector – is the No. 1 most uncivilized power industry when it comes to sexual exploitation. Call it misogyny or toxic narcissism. It is gender competition in the world’s richest professions, but this cancer existed long before women were considered competition.

It will continue if we don’t do something different that’s never been done before. We have to cut out the secrecy.

If you were sexually assaulted while working in the financial sector, please contact us for a confidential and free consultation. Some states, particularly NY and CA, have opened their statutes of limitations (SOLs), allowing more time for survivors to come to grips with what happened to them. But even these new windows of opportunity have deadlines.

NEW YORK – The look-back goes all the way to 1968, but your case must get on file by November 2023.

CALIFORNIA – The look-back goes to 2009, but you have until December 2026 to get your case on file.

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We’re aligned with a law firm ready to go to battle to protect you from a bunch of bullies wearing expensive suits.

“Bully Market.”

Last September (2022) former Goldman Sachs managing director Jamie Fiore Higgins released a memoir with a blood red cover titled, “Bully Market,” alleging the investment bank’s Manhattan headquarters “was so rife with misogyny that a colleague kept a spreadsheet ranking female recruits on their ‘f–kability,’ declaring: ‘I want tit size and – a shape’”1 (The New York Post, September 20, 2022).

A male colleague informed her the only reason she’d been promoted was “because of her vagina” and that the men made “moo” sounds when she passed, mocking her weight after she’d given birth to her fourth child.

On another occasion, Higgins described being violently pinned to a wall, suspended in air by a male colleague who forced her jaw shut with his hand and screamed: “Who the f—k do you think you are?”

High-Stakes Quid Pro Quo.

In a lavish Madison Avenue penthouse, George Soros’ (Soros Fund) right-hand man Howard Rubin, now 67, kept a secret “sex dungeon” with blow-up photographs of Playboy models and BDSM paraphernalia that would baffle Christian Grey.

Here he committed violent acts, battery and sexual assault, against a number of women including actual Playboy playmates. Some were paid $6,800 per session, but Rubin went overboard. The six (out of seven) victims who sued him in a civil lawsuit and won $3.85 million didn’t intend on being maimed or raped.

Rubin beat one plaintiff’s breasts so severely her plastic surgeon declined to operate, reported the New York Post’s Michael Kaplan2. Another victim said she was bound and vulnerable when Rubin told her: “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter.” Kaplan also reported that Rubin has an estranged wife and children, including at least one daughter.

Sex, Lies and Very Dangerous Secrets.

A Case for Women has launched a massive national advocacy campaign –  “#ICOULDNTSAYNO” – that intends to tread on sexual power politics and end misogyny in the most concentrated cradles of industry. Power imbalances have persisted for so long because unspoken permission has been given to men in virtually every professional field. Wall Street happens to be the most barbaric.

No one wants to be “that girl who tells,” a 34-year-old Wall Street risk manager told us, because there may be earning power involved, but mostly it’s the fear of “insanely brutal consequences. There are really so few women in our business.”

To Trust Somebody.

These stories are dark and disturbing, but so is the epidemic we’re up against. We are hoping you’ll find your voice and trust us with your secret since we want to help you file a lawsuit against the power that permitted such degradation in your work environment.

Our assault advocacy campaign is called #icouldntsayno because we realize many of you are too scared to say anything. So you haven’t. Here’s our proposition: We’re aligned a law firm ready to go to battle to protect you from a bunch of bullies wearing expensive suits.

Come to us. We have cringed too.

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About #icouldntsayno 

A Case for Women is here to help you move forward with powerful legal action. Our goal is not just to help individuals seek justice via civil legal action, but to utilize the combined power of all survivors’ voices to create systemic change. On this initiative, we are working with the California-based sexual assault law firm, Boucher LLP.

Boucher LLP accepts cases on a contingency fee basis and will only be compensated if and when they achieve a positive settlement or verdict in your case.

If you are a female professional who’s been sexually harassed or assaulted by a male colleague or male authority at the office, please find your voice and join us to halt high-stakes sexual politics in power professions. Every new voice turns up the volume.

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Women’s Voices Carry.

Women have long expressed they are afraid to talk because no “real” rules protect them from “insanely brutal retaliation” when its her word against his. It’s time to abolish that fear.

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