Study Links Chemical Hair Relaxers and Straighteners to Uterine Cancer.

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Hair Straightener Lawsuit

The Costly Price of Chemical Hair Relaxing and Straightening.

Chemical Hair Relaxer Lawsuits Provide Women an Opportunity to Seek Compensation.

A strong association between chemical hair straighteners or relaxers and the development of uterine cancer has been confirmed by a 10-year study of 33,497 U.S. women ages 35-74 with diverse racial and ethnic profiles. The national study, published October 2022, was conducted by the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

During the NIH investigation, 378 new cases of uterine cancer were identified. Not surprisingly, of the women diagnosed, 60 percent self-identified as Black and frequent product users (4x per year or more) upon first enrolling. Latina women are also more affected.

In response, the hair relaxer lawsuits were begun to seek compensation for women suffering from uterine or ovarian cancer and/or related hysterectomy [or other hormonally mediated outcomes] as a result of routine use of chemical hair straighteners or relaxers. The civil action also alleges manufacturers failed to adequately warn consumers of serious health risks while continuing to design, produce and market products as virtually harmless for decades.

Women who had reported using hair straightening products would prove more than twice as likely to develop uterine cancer as those who did not.

“The link between hair dyes and straighteners and diseases like breast cancer has been documented in the past… We were interested in expanding this research to consider uterine cancer,” Alexandra White of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and lead author of the study told NPR. “Uterine cancer is similar to breast and ovarian cancer in that we know that they are all hormonally mediated outcomes.”

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Psychology of Straight.

Recent psychological studies show men perceive women with straight hair as being more formal and businesslike (powerful) especially if hair is cut above the shoulders.

“The media portrays the definition of beauty as being thin with really sleek hair, which in turn made women with textured hair feel like they need to relax their hair so they can be a part of that definition of beauty… that’s what was defined as put together, refined, polish, sexy, and sophisticated,” says Nai’vasha Johnson, celebrity hair stylist for Alicia Keys.

Chicago stylist Trish Crowder has worked with straighteners for almost 30 years. The new findings make her nervous and she says some of her clients have issues similar to Jenny Mitchell’s – the woman who filed the first case against L’Oreal claiming that her cancer and hysterectomy at age 28 were linked to the product’s use.

“One could make a decision to reduce this chemical exposure, but we also want to acknowledge that there is a lot of pressure on women, especially Black women, to have straight hair. It’s not an easy decision to not do this.”

Chemical hair straighteners are a permanent way to keep naturally tight-textured hair shiny, loose and resilient, making use of sodium hydroxide and sometimes ammonium thioglycolate (wrongly associated with just curling). Both chemicals, actually, are effective at unshaping the hair shaft altogether so that hair is unwound and supple, ready for reshaping according to preference: caterpillar whorls, silky straightness, beach waves.

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The Scalp is a Sieve.

Hair relaxers are basically creamy pastes directly applied to the hair that claim to avoid contact with the scalp. When the user observes the desired level of texture release, the chemical is rinsed and hair is thoroughly washed with neutralizing shampoo; the result remains until new growth accumulates (roughly three months).

The problem, however, is that contact with the scalp is unavoidable. Sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate are harsh and can burn or chafe the scalp, making its skin barrier even more permeable. Chemicals are easily absorbed and can enter the bloodstream.

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A Case for Women Is Doing Something About It.

We are a group of women helping women. If you were/are diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer and/or underwent a hysterectomy as treatment for cancer and used chemical hair relaxers or straighteners, please contact us right away. You may be eligible to join the hair relaxer lawsuit.

We want to help you take legal action that will not only seek compensation for your injuries but will also help change the broken system that allowed toxic beauty products to be sold in the first place.

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Taking on giant cosmetic manufacturers that dominate the lucrative haircare industry ($12.9 billion in 2022 revenue) is no easy task, so we need your help. The more users diagnosed with cancer who come forward to participate in the hair straightener lawsuit, the greater are our chances of success at creating systemic change that will cut cancer out of the beauty industry for all of us.