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Because they know they can get away with it, and have. The history of pharma and medical devices hurting women more than men — and in impossible to fathom numbers, were it not so true and immidiate in our own lives — is long and storied. In X, in X, in X. Taken in total, the discriminatory harm caused to women is obscene — and it happens, oh so often, simply because many big pharma corporations know they can get away with it, and have. 

How often do you blame your hurt on yourself? How often do you think it’s gotta be on you, your body, your mind, your problem? Of course you’re not the only one. Truly, around the country, every single day, Women: Placing the blame on themselves instead of on the culprit. We say, “I’m getting older,” “My life is too difficult right now,” “If only I could be (Better) (Stronger) (Different).” Every time, we think the problem would be solved if only we tried harder. Were it only so true.

Sisters, pharma companies bank on our self-blame; and they may seriously hurt women and kids, too, knowing that we’re more likely to berate and blame ourselves than look outward. Not anymore. 


 Talcum Powder


Fact: Pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices hurt women more than men. This may include woman of every stage of life, every background, and so on. The ramifications of this harm are enormous, potentially keeping women back in unimaginable ways that stretch much farther than the doctor’s room.