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Rideshare Safety Is a Thing.

By September 7, 2023September 14th, 2023Uber

No matter what Uber tells you, getting into a car with a stranger isn’t safe. You’d be shocked by how many people don’t believe it when they hear about the number of rideshare sexual assault cases moving through the courts today. 

Uber has been through the wringer with scandals, bad press, and mounting lawsuits since its launch in 2009, and we, among other national advocates, have been pushing hard for change. New in-app features in the Uber Safety Toolkit, released Aug. 2022, offer the ability to contact a live safety agent, share your trip status with loved ones, and verify your ride with a secure PIN code.

According to Uber’s official website, the most recent in-app features include:

  • Text-to-911 across a good chunk of the US, now about 60% of cities: the app automatically populates a text with details about the vehicle and the ride, including current location and destination.
  • In-app emergency assistance: for safety and medical emergencies only.
  • Proof of trip status: to show law enforcement your current trip status.

Feeling Safe Yet?

Not so fast. Uber has made its platform much safer over the last few years, but heads up – dangers may still lurk if anyone lets their guard down.

  • Uber reported *only* 3,824 US sexual assaults in 2019-2020. 
  • That was down from 5,981 in 2017-2018. 

If this makes you wary, good.

Safety Was Not Uber’s Original Priority.

Uber used to claim it was the “safest ride on the road” and the “gold standard in safety.” Because of lawsuits, Uber can no longer say misleading things like that. But that hasn’t prevented roughly 11,000 documented sexual assaults since, according to multiple news sources.

The company targeted and misled young females out for a night on the town – with assurances that safety was their No. 1 priority.

Tips to Help Keep You Safe

  • Make sure the make, model, and color of the car matches what’s listed in the app.
  • Make sure the driver greets you by name without introducing yourself.
  • Double-, triple-check that the driver looks like the photo provided by the app.
  • Share your ride with a friend – it’s part of the app now! Think of this as a kind of buddy system for safety.
  • Does anything feel off? Listen to your instincts!
  • Always sit in the back seat, even if the driver asks you to sit up front.
  • Always keep the Uber app open and stay alert during your ride. This isn’t the time to keep up to speed on the latest TikTok videos or take a nap.

Why We Care SO Much.

It is our mission to encourage survivors to come forward and pursue legal intervention. With every positive verdict, settlement, and cycle of headlines, our attorney partners gain more leverage to hound the board and urge legislative action for tighter protection regs.

One lived trauma is one too many.

If you were assaulted by an Uber driver or any other rideshare driver, we are here to help you take your power back with a lawsuit. This is how you not only honor your own experience but also how you can help prevent what happened to you from ever happening to someone else. 

Contact us 24/7/365. And please be careful. It’s a jungle out there.