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How Did E. Jean Carroll Sue Her Attacker after 28 Years?

By June 23, 2023February 14th, 2024Legal 101, Sex Abuse

E. Jean Carroll, an esteemed writer, has shattered barriers and provided hope for sexual assault survivors worldwide. Her courageous actions resulted in a groundbreaking defamation and sexual abuse case against a celebrity and former President of the United States. This monumental achievement was made possible by the New York Survivors Act, a legislation E. Jean Carroll publicly supported in 2022. This forward-thinking law in New York State introduced a one-year “lookback window” (valid from Nov. 24, 2022, to Nov. 24, 2023), enabling assault survivors to seek legal retribution in civil courts, regardless of when the crime occurred.

Progressive Legislative Efforts:

New York is not alone in its pursuit of legislative change. Currently, 25 states are actively revising their sexual assault laws to provide more lenient opportunities for reporting assaults, bringing long-overdue hope to survivors. Although some of these measures are temporary, they expand the limitations imposed by punitive statutes and offer a pathway for justice.

Understanding Statute of Limitations:

Statute of limitations refers to the time within which an injured party can file a claim. In the context of sexual abuse, it determines the period during which survivors can formally accuse the abuser or the institution that protected the abuser. These statutes vary across states and depend on the type of assault.

Civil Lawsuits and Accountability:

Criminal lawsuits seek to incarcerate individual assailants, as they often lack the means to provide financial restitution for their actions. However, civil lawsuits, supported by organizations like A Case for Women, offer an avenue to hold corporations, universities, and churches accountable for enabling predators. Society has recognized that financial restitution is one way to restore some of what was taken from the victims.

Encouraging Survivor Empowerment:

Psychiatrists and sociologists believe that for every survivor who speaks out, there are countless others who suffer in silence. In the past, discussing sexual assault was highly taboo, both socially and privately. Thankfully, today’s society is more open to addressing this issue, acknowledging the damage inflicted and encouraging survivors to find their voices. While sexual predators remain a stark reality even now, survivors no longer have to bear the burden alone.

E. Jean Carroll’s Story: E. Jean Carroll, despite moving forward with her life, expressed the profound impact of being blindsided by an assault 28 years ago. She revealed that forming romantic relationships or engaging in sexual activities became impossible for her. However, in recent years, significant changes have occurred. E. Jean Carroll’s victory in New York sent a powerful message to women globally: “We will not remain silent.” Her strength and resilience inspired all survivors of sexual assault to reclaim their power and hold their abusers accountable, reaffirming that survivors are never to blame. It is crucial to remind ourselves of this truth.

The Power of Every Voice:

Consent is not contingent on explicitly saying the word “no.” Survivors must recognize that they bear no responsibility for the assault they endured. Each survivor who comes forward amplifies the chorus of violated women seeking justice. It is empowering to acknowledge that now, survivors can confidently say “no.”

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