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Everything There is To Know About Boy Scouts Abuse Litigation

By August 31, 2020February 28th, 2024Boy Scouts

Keeping up with everything there is to know about Boy Scouts sex abuse and where the litigation is at is a lot. That’s why we’ve compiled the top questions and answers we receive about the subject. If you or someone you know was hurt by a Scouts leader or volunteer, you may be able to take legal action, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. If you were hurt, text or call us at (214) 699-5849 — everyone who was hurt has until 11/16/2020 to take action, which means the sooner you have an attorney working for you, the better.

Q: Wasn’t this just a few bad Scout leaders? Then, why is there such a big settlement?

A: The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) knew for decades that thousands of children were being sexually molested by Scout leaders. Yet they did nothing to stop it. How do we know this? The BSA kept the documents – 20,000 of them. Commonly referred to as the “perversion files,” these documents detail the organization’s appallingly willful negligence and the massive cover-up that has taken place for nearly 100 years. 

Q: What is the situation with this settlement? Is there money left after the BSA filed for bankruptcy? 

A: By filing for bankruptcy, the Boy Scouts of America have taken away survivors’ ability to take the organization to court, but they have also guaranteed a fund to pay settlements to victims of sexual abuse that took place within the BSA organization. Current assets listed by the BSA total well over 1 Billion. That does not even include compensation from insurance claims.

Q: How much will you get from the BSA settlement fund? Is it even worth it to go through this? 

A: We can not tell you exactly what you will receive because the amount depends on your individual circumstances. (This is not a class action.) We can tell you that a fund is being established for men like you and it will be significant. Even after bankruptcy, the BSA has more than $1 billion in stocks, cash, and properties plus additional funds from its insurers and local councils. From a monetary standpoint, this definitely seems worth your time! Moreover, this is a claims process, not a trial, so your participation will be minimal and you can stay anonymous.

It is up to your attorney to work up your claim so that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for what you went through.

Q: Why do I need a firm to represent me? Isn’t there just a form online?

A: The claims process is complex and likely requires the assistance of a qualified legal team to ensure that your compensation is maximized.

Q: Is this a class action? 

A: No, this is not a class action. Survivors will receive compensation based upon their individual circumstances. The settlement fund process means that there will not be long court battles; it also means that the November 16, 2020 deadline is the absolute last date to file your claim.

Q: Will this be anonymous? Can I file anonymously? Will the Boy Scouts fund/settlement lawyers reach out to the person who did the abusing at all? If I’m still involved in Scouts or my kid is, will anything come back to me?

A: Everything will be completely confidential, and you can talk to your firm about filing anonymously. The abuser and his or her family will never be notified; the cases are against the Boy Scouts organization rather than any individuals. No one but the court needs to – or will – know that you filed a claim.