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A Mother’s Battle for Justice in South Carolina’s Broken System

By November 10, 2023Women's Rights

As a single parent, I’ve fought tirelessly for justice for my disabled son for the past six years in South Carolina’s deeply flawed justice system. The exhausting, protracted process has been a drain on my life, and it’s painfully clear that it shouldn’t take this long to resolve a case with such an obvious cause – medical malpractice.

Juggling the demands of single motherhood with a disabled child is challenging on its own. Adding depositions, consultations with medical experts, genetic variant testing, and other legal obligations to the mix is an overwhelming burden that never seems to lighten. The relentless pursuit of justice has left me traumatized, and I constantly find myself seeking validation as each day passes without resolution.

What should be as clear as day, the cause of my son’s medical issues, shouldn’t take years to determine. No amount of justice will erase the pain we’ve endured, but it’s the closure we need to move forward. The toll on victims is heavy, as we’re forced to relive the traumatic event repeatedly, constantly having to prove what happened while dealing with the day-to-day challenges of disabilities, all without much help.

The most harrowing aspect is witnessing how broken the justice system is. It’s disturbing, to say the least. The experience of victims of medical malpractice is akin to living a never-ending nightmare. In our minds, justice should be swift and fair, not the labyrinthine process it’s become.

The disparities between states in handling malpractice lawsuits are stark. I was told that our case would be worth three times more if we lived up north, but because my son was born in conservative South Carolina, we’re forced to fight for justice in a system where juries tend to favor doctors and hospitals. This situation is mind-boggling, especially considering that South Carolina ranks among the worst in the country for women’s healthcare and funding for special needs children.

The trauma of giving birth and the daily battle for my son has eroded my trust in the medical system. The fear I’ve developed has cast a dark shadow over my life. I long to be free of fear, worry, and financial hardship. I yearn for the weight of this battle to be lifted so I can focus on my son’s care, his future, and building a life suited to his needs.

The current justice system seems designed to protect the rich and powerful, discouraging many victims like myself from pursuing justice. Perpetrators often escape accountability, free to harm others. A fair justice system should not deter those who are rightfully seeking justice; otherwise, the gap between the powerful and the powerless will only widen. We urgently need to address the flaws in our broken justice system and hold medical professionals to the highest standards. Cases shouldn’t drag on for years, and there should be fewer roadblocks for victims and more empathy. Our justice system should not pour salt into the wounds of those who have already suffered enough. It’s time for change, for a system that truly serves justice to all.