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A Case for Women is Two Years Old!

By May 2, 2018March 7th, 2024From Susan

It’s our birthday – really.

Just two years ago I left my cozy decade-long position at a large plaintiffs’ law firm (the kind of position that comes with a regular paycheck) and took that entrepreneurial jump.

Like any start-up, there have been scary moments (will anyone respond to our posts?) and plenty of late nights and weekends worrying about all the stuff that goes into making any successful enterprise.

But I trusted my instincts – instincts that told me (even before November 2016) that: One, women were being harmed way more than men by financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, corporate macho culture, and a patriarchal system that  allowed sexual abuse to flourish; Two, that women wanted to DO SOMETHING but just didn’t know how or what to do;  Three, that, fundamentally, women (including me) are motivated by helping other women more than by seeking personal financial gain.

Thankfully, those instincts were right.

Over the last two years, tens of thousands of women have come to us seeking help for harms that are often so tragic that we are shaken to the core.

Some women have been so injured by Bayer’s Essure birth control that they have had to have hysterectomies at very early ages. Others’ lives have been permanently changed by Mirena birth control.

And still others have endured horrific sexual abuse at the hands of church leaders, gymnastics coaches, teachers, and bosses.

While each woman’s story is different, our response is steadfast.

We are here to listen and explain how and when you can take life-changing legal action.

Here’s to many more years of helping women know their truth, access their power, and take system-changing legal action when possible.

We are here for you.