You Wanted the Best for Your Premature Baby.

But Formula Caused Life-Threatening Problems.

If your preterm infant was fed formula and developed NEC, you may be able to take legal action.

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Baby Formula Lawsuit

An Avoidable Tragedy Affecting the Most Vulnerable.

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) nearly always affects preterm, very low birthweight infants and has been linked to the ingestion of Similac®, Enfamil®,and other formulas made with cow’s milk.

When the intestine becomes clogged with formula, acid inflames intestinal tissue and kills (necrotizes) the tissue. The acid can also burn holes (perforate) through baby’s intestinal lining, causing infection when bacteria spills into the baby’s belly and bloodstream. Because infants’ immune systems are not well developed, it is hard for them to fight this infection. NEC attacks suddenly and acutely, usually within two to six weeks.

Sound familiar? You may be able to take legal action to help hold these companies accountable for not warning parents. Contact us now to learn more about filing a lawsuit.


It wasn’t your fault. You did the best for your baby. Manufacturers pushed formula for use in NICUs when safer options were available.

Parents Were Not Warned About the Risks

Abbott and Mead Johnson may have intentionally lied to generations of parents about the safety of their formula. Documents suggest both companies knew during development that their formulas posed substantial risk for NEC and yet both companies assured FDA regulators all these years that their products most closely imitate breastmilk.

Aggressive marketing campaigns have assured consumers that these products are safe, at times even suggesting their products are superior to human milk. But baby formulas are regulated differently from drugs. Formula is considered food, and the FDA does not have to approve it before launching.

Controlling 80% of the infant nutrition field, these two companies have enormous resources and marketing power to influence what is used in hospital and NICU settings.

And that’s the problem.

In the 60 years since the launch of these formulas, none of the labels ever informed parents or doctors of the risks.


Why Take Legal Action Now?

Thousands of infants are born premature or with very low birth weight in the United States each year, and many of them will ingest/have ingested these formulas before developing NEC. Thousands more parents will be left railing for answers as a result. The math is tragic.

By speaking up and joining other parents in legal action you will help create the change needed to stop this tragedy.


Say It’s Wrong. Stand Up. Be the Change.

A Case for Women is an organization of women helping women. And parents. We have joined with powerful attorneys across the country to help you take legal action against wrongdoers who harbor dangerous practices. This legal representation is done on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay anything to get started and there is no financial risk to you ever.

Learn how you can join the lawsuit against these formula manufacturers.