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USC To Pay $1.1 Billon Settlement in Dr. Tyndall Case

There is still time to take part in the settlement!

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USC has agreed to $1.1B to patients of Dr. Tyndall who suffered abuse – things like lewd or inappropriate comments, pictures taken or shared, or worse. As Brett Sokolow of Title IX said to the NYT, this is “a recognition of suffering” and “an admission that there were hundreds of cases where the university had knowledge or without much diligence could have known what was going on, and failed to put an end to it.”

Trojan women are coming forward through legal action in order to hold Dr. Tyndall and USC accountable.

We’re here for women who were hurt and want to come forward. Our team is available now to talk with you about your story and your specific potential legal options. Contact us for a totally free, confidential consult by calling or texting us at 215.344.7746 or submitting the form.

*This is Not a Drill: Plaintiff lawyers are available to represent those who were hurt, and they cover the financial cost of doing so. You heard that right: Plaintiff attorneys are available to represent women without charging them anything upfront, instead, plaintiff lawyers are only ever compensated if they win or settle, through a % of what they win or settle. That’s it, and it matters!

No, Really: You can stand up and still make sure you feel safe and protected — we can talk with you about options like filing anonymously or other ways where you can stand up, on your own terms, to both demand justice and make sure you’re comfortable at the same time.

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On Taking Action!

The reality is that even though this is in the news, and even if you may have attempted to report the abuse you suffered months or years ago, you are not “covered” and able to participate in the Dr. George Tyndall lawsuit until you… participate in the George Tyndall lawsuit. So many people think they are covered so long as they reported the abuse in some fashion, but the truth is, to participate in legal action you’ve gotta take legal action, and that’s happening now. Even though this is hard, if you are interested in speaking up, you have to consider coming forward before it’s too late, as lawyers are actively investigating now. The more you know!

100% USC should have acted sooner, it shouldn’t have come to this — to news outlets breaking stories of abuse and women having to find legal representation in order to have their voices and stories of abuse be heard. The sad fact is that so often the institutions we trust, explicitly, take advantage of our trust, our youth, our faith in them, and they use it against us. USC could have done something about it far sooner, and since they didn’t, that put potentially thousands of other students at risk. It’s unspeakable, and yet it happens all the time, in so many universities across the country. We’re over it and are here for you to do your thing in making it stop.

If it felt wrong it likely wasn’t okay. Doctors must wear gloves when they touch you — they can’t and shouldn’t force their fingers inside of you without gloves — and there should always be someone else in the room. In addition, pictures? Sexual or racist comments? Extensive questions about your sexual history? None of that is normal in a standard gynecological appointment. There’s a line, and Dr. Tyndall appeared to cross it, for d-e-c-a-d-e-s, with no repercussions. That’s over.

Sexual abuse is the most underreported crime in the world. We can change that. 

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