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It’s Estimated that Tyndall Saw More than 10,000 Women During His Career. Yet Only a Few 100 Have Spoken Up About Their Abuse.

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# USC Gynecologist Lawsuit

About the USC Lawsuit

Although women started reporting potential abuse in the 1990s, The University of Southern California allowed Tyndall to continue to practice until 2016 when a nurse reported him to the rape crisis center. A university investigation concluded a year later that his conduct amounted to sexual harassment and then declined to fire him or report him to the California Medical Board but allowed him to resign with a financial payout after 27 years as the sole gynecologist at the campus clinic.

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Our team has helped hundreds of women through the process of saying those first words: “that happened to me.”

You have more options than you think.

Due to the egregious behavior of Tyndall, attorneys from all over the country are representing women who were abused even decades ago – and doing so on a contingency fee basis.

Sexual abuse is the most underreported crime in the world. You can change that.

Why Should I Participate

Sexual abuse thrives in silence. Even though Tyndall is no longer working and this abuse started decades ago, the culture of women feeling shame and silently “dismissing” one’s own sexual abuse is alive and well. It is only through speaking up that these cultural norms will shift and it is only through legal action that processes to protect women will be initiated.

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A CASE FOR WOMEN believes in the power of legal action to create meaningful societal change. We are dedicated to helping women regain their lives through speaking out and taking meaningful legal action.

We are not a law firm; we are women helping women and we work with various law firms across the country. The law firms we work with all represent women on a contingency fee basis and are as dedicated as we are to outcomes that not only benefit the individual taking legal action but society as a whole.

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