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$243 Million Settlement Reached in UCLA Dr. James Heaps Abuse Case.

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#UCLA Dr. James Heaps Lawsuit

Thousands of Women Have Accused Dr. Heaps of Sexual Misconduct

In February 2022, the University of California agreed to pay $243 million to settlement claims from more than 200 women alleging misconduct by Dr. James Heaps, a gynecologist who worked at university’s Los Angeles campus.

This is the second settlement reached in cases regarding the doctor’s sexual misconduct toward patients. In November 2020, the university announced a $73 million class action settlement to resolve the claims of more than 5,000 survivors. Approximately 600 women chose to opt out of the class action. The recent $243 million settlement resolves around 200 of those claims.

Allegations against Dr. Heaps span decades, from the early 1980s to 2018.

We previously worked with survivors of sexual abuse by Dr. Larry Nassar and Dr. Robert Anderson, and now we want to help you too.

If you were sexually assaulted by Dr. James Heaps at The University of California, Los Angeles, you may be able to join others in their pursuit of justice, which includes seeking compensation.

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It wasn’t just you. More than 5,000 women have come forward alleging inappropriate groping, unnecessarily examinations, and uncomfortable sexual comments from Dr. Heaps.

There’s Evidence That UCLA Knew About the Abuse – But Did Nothing.

Just like in the cases of Dr. Larry Nassar of MSU and Dr. Robert Anderson of U of M, UCLA had received complaints about Heaps’ behavior, but took no action.

For example, according to The New York Times, one of the young women involved in the February 2022 settlement wrote a three-page letter the university after she was assaulted by Heaps.

But no action was taken by the university.

While UCLA has vowed to take “substantial action” to address issues brought up throughout the litigation and re-examining how it handles allegations of sexual misconduct by medical staff, it seems like too little too late.

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