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Worst Nightmare: Asbestos, PCBs, Talcum Powder 

It’s hard to believe (when many politicians are fighting about too much government regulation) that, in truth, many incredibly toxic substances are not really regulated AT ALL. 

We’re looking at you: Asbestos, PCBs and J&J’s Talcum-Infused Baby Powder. 

Still legal to be imported and used in the United States, asbestos is the sole cause of a horrific cancer called mesothelioma, as well as the cause of many lung cancers and a lung disease called asbestosis. As a result of the overwhelming evidence that asbestos causes deadly mesothelioma, the 3,000 Americans who contract this cancer each year have a right to file a lawsuit against the asbestos manufacturers who knew about the danger and yet did nothing.

Another horrific example of Monsanto gone wild, using this toxin in virtually every schools window caulking around the country – and hurting children, teachers and wildlife in the process. 

Makes you never want to leave the house, right? We felt that way too until we found out that our dearly loved bathroom staple, J&J’s baby powder, contained talc, which may cause ovarian cancer.

It doesnt feel safe because it isnt but by filing a lawsuit you can help change the system, protecting yourself and others along the way.

Do Something About It

QUESTION: If we do everything we can do – personally – to take care of ourselves, eat right, exercise – all that – is it enough?

Answer: ¡ƃuoɹʍ