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If You Had Know About Possible Permanent Bald Spots After Taxotere - Would You Have Made A Different Choice?

Learn About Your Possible Legal Options At No Upfront Cost.

Women who experienced permanent bald spots after using Taxotere may have the opportunity to tell the pharma company that it’s not okay to withhold information about their drugs. Contact us to learn more.

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Other Chemo Drugs Work Just As Well As Taxotere. If You Had Known, Would You Have Chosen A Different Drug?

Women around the country are learning that their permanent hair loss after chemotherapy may have been preventable. Taxotere manufacturers may have known all along about the danger of permanent hair loss and kept it quiet, even when other treatment options were available.

Were you given the truth about Taxotere, you could have made an honest decision, with the facts. That decision would have been yours, your choice. But to have a permanent reminder of your cancer, all because of a chemo drug that likely could have just as easily been traded out for another drug? That wasn’t okay and we are so, so sorry.

We’re talking to women NOW who were hurt. You may have legal options but time is running out to take action. If you experienced permanent bald spots after using Taxotere, please contact us ASAP to learn about your possible legal options.

W e’ve got good news and bad news. Good news is the FDA issued a black box warning for Taxotere, the most severe form of FDA warning there is. That should help a whole lot of women and doctors understand the risks associated with Taxotere, before they potentially begin treatment.

Bad news is the warning, also called a “boxed warning” as it’s placed directly on the product’s packaging, will certainly not take the suffering away from women already hurt by Taxotere.

In fact, the boxed warning may affect women’s statutes, meaning: You may have very little time left to take legal action if you were hurt!

The beauty files. There’s a lot more behind a woman’s hair than you’d think. It’s not just about how you look — it’s about how you feel, your comfort in your body, your sense of self and pride in who you are. And try as you might to not care about the loss of hair, it’s impossible. From day one of being a woman you were taught, implicitly and explicitly, how important a woman’s hair is. Just imagine a drug effectively taking away a man’s sense of masculinity and NOT having every person on the planet know about the risk and warn against it. This kind of stuff simply doesn’t happen to male patients, and the ramifications are far-reaching: re-entering the workforce, career advancement, maintaining relationships — all things made far harder without your hair. 
The thing about choice is… it’s yours to make. All you need are the facts, and then you can decide. The problem with Taxotere is it appears as if women and their doctors were essentially making choices with their eyes closed — they didn’t know the facts (like the risk of permanent hair loss), and they didn’t know them because the manufacturer may have purposefully hid them.  That changes the game because then it wasn’t a choice at all. 
Sad fact: If you live in Europe or Canada, you’re much better off so far as Taxotere is concerned. That’s because you most likely would have been told the risk. But not here in America. Instead the facts were hidden from American patients and their doctors.

There’s nothing quite like a powerful pharma company hiding need-to-know information from a vulnerable group and potentially making billions in return. Here’s the scoop:

Taxotere and its generic version Docetaxel: No indication that’s it’s any more effective than comparable chemo drugs on the market and a strong risk of one potentially permanent side effect — all over, full body hair loss or balding.

Meanwhile, “The Other Drugs:” hair loss may occur during chemotherapy but hair tends to regrow soon after treatment. 

So why weren’t you told the difference?

You know how it goes, because we’ve heard this story before. Taxotere costs patients more than a pretty penny, and it made its manufacturer a fortune. So for twenty years, things kept chugging. Women were prescribed Taxotere, not told the risk of permanent hair loss. Doctors prescribed Taxotere, not told the risk of permanent hair loss. And meanwhile there may have always been a less expensive, equally effective option — with no permanent reminder of your cancer included.

Maddening, right? You bet. That’s why we’re women helping women learn their legal options.  Change won’t come unless we speak up to power and say NO MORE! If you were hurt, take action.

At the end of the day, this is about your right to choose and look after your body — at the most critical time. When you were already fighting cancer with all you had, Taxotere may have just dug that knife in deeper — and WHY?