Manufacturers Failed to Warn About the Link Between Iron Injections and Osteomalacia aka “Bone Softening”

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# Injectafer Lawsuit

Injectafer Failed Women – Now Patients Are Suffering

Yes – you read that right. The manufacturers of iron infusion drug Injectafer knew about the link between their product and low phosphate levels (which by the way can lead to innumerable health problems like hypophosphatema and osteomalacia) but chose not to disclose the truth to women.

In February 2020, the Injectafer label was changed to provide stronger warnings of “Symptomatic Hypophosphatemia” as a potential side effect.

It’s not right. If you suffered from low phosphate levels after receiving iron infusions, contact us now to protect your rights.

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Don’t let them get away with this!

Contact us today to learn more about potentially filing a lawsuit. There’s no out-of-pocket cost and filing a lawsuit can help protect others from being hurt by injectafer.

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Why Does Filing A Lawsuit Matter?

It’s about honesty on the part of the manufacturer so women can make informed decisions about their health. And, even worse, deceptively marketing a product (to make money) despite knowing the serious health problems it can cause.

Women took Injectafer to treat problems with serious iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) and improve their health so they could live a better life. They were told it was safe, smart, and easy. No big deal, nothing bad could possibly happen.

But it did, and the manufacturer knew that it could happen. Women are suffering from HPP, a potentially serious condition about low phosphate levels.

HPP needs to be taken seriously. It can cause:

  • Appetite loss
  • Bone pain
  • Bone fractures
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness
  • Tooth decay

In some very extreme situations, it can take someone’s life.

It’s not right. Women’s health SHOULD NOT be put at risk for the profit of Big Pharma. The ONLY way to fight back is with a lawsuit.

Contact us today to learn how you can file with no no-out-of-pocket cost to you.

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Tell Big Pharma It’s Not Okay to Play with Women’s Lives!

Study Finds 3 Out of 4 Injectafer Users May Suffer From Hypophosphatemia

Multiple studies have found a link between using Injectafer and being diagnosed with hypophosphatemia (HPP). And not just mild hypophosphatemia – we’re talking moderate to severe HPP which could completely alter someone’s health (in a negative way) for the rest of their life.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in February 2020, researchers studied patients who used injectafer compared to patients who used Monofer. They found that patients who used Injectafer had a significantly higher incidence of HPP.

Here’s the data:

  • In one trial, 7.9% of Monofer patients were diagnosed with HPP, while 75% of Injectafer patients were diagnosed with HPP.
  • In another trial, 8.1% of Monofer patients were diagnosed with HPP, while 73.7% of Injectafer patients were diagnosed with HPP.
  • Patients using Monofer did not suffer from severe HPP, but 11.3% of Injectafer patients suffered from severe HPP.

Tell the manufacturers that people matter more than profits by filing a lawsuit. We want to help you seek justice and get compensation to help pay for medical bills and take care of your family. Contact us now!

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Injectafer Is NOT Safer Than Other Drugs to Treat Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Even though Injectafer’s marketing materials implied that it was (see: FDA warning).

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation

(JCI) compared patients who used Injectafer with patients who used ferumoxytol, another iron therapy injection drug. The study found that 0.9% of the patients who used ferumoxytol suffered from severe HPP, while 50.8% of the Injecatfer patients suffered from severe HPP.

In a 2016 study

researchers reported that patients who used an injection of FCM (the iron used in Injectafer) were at a greater risk of developing HPP. According to the study, patients who used FCM had a 45.5% incidence of HPP and a 32% incidence of severe HPP.

In comparison

only 4% of patients who used the alternative injectable supplement suffered from HPP and no patients suffered from severe HPP.  The study concluded that patients using FCM (reminder: used in injectafer) have an increased risk of developing serious HPP.

Contact us today to learn how you can file with no no-out-of-pocket cost to you.

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*The law firms we work with handle these cases on a contingency basis. That means you pay nothing at all up front for the attorneys to represent you and if the case is not successful, then the law firm absorbs all of the costs and you pay nothing. If the case is successful, then the law firm retains a % of the total settlement value. This is all spelled out in your agreement.