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Hands Off Our Bodies

Hand & Stone may have been exposing customers to sexual abuse for years. NOW WHAT?

# Hand & Stone Lawsuit

It keeps happening.

Women across the country are coming forward about massages gone terribly, terribly wrong at Hand and Stone. 

Fortunately there is a type of lawyer called a “plaintiff lawyer” — plaintiff lawyers represent women who have potential civil claims against the negligent party, and they are not compensated until and unless they win or settle. If you suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of a masseuse, it shouldn’t be your burden to bear alone — plaintiff lawyers exist to help you stand up and right the wrong. 

Stand up to Hand and Stone sexual assault and speak up so other women can be better protected — if you were hurt, simply contact us to learn your potential legal options. 

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This isn’t up for debate: Women should be able to receive a massage without risking sexual abuse. End. Of. Story. 

The fact that this keeps happening — that we’re again talking about the same patterns of negligence, of complicit parties looking the other way, of choices being made to protect the company instead of women, it’s totally unconscionable. And yet it happens every day.

That’s why women continue to speak up with their stories and, critically, continue to take legal action against those who hurt them (not just the perp but also the complicit parties that helped to enable the perp).

We continue to speak up because this won’t stop, and things like Hand and Stone sexual assault will continue to happen until we demand it to stop with potentially very powerful legal action like Hand and Stone sexual assault cases.

Sexual abuse is the most underreported crime in the world. There are ways for women to take legal action and fight back against what happened, while also feeling emotionally safe.

Want to stay anonymous? That’s an option. Contact us to learn how you may be able to protect yourself AND still stand up to those who hurt you.

Our team is available now to talk with you about what happened and discuss your potential legal options in terms of Hand & Stone sexual assault cases — contact us for a totally free, confidential consult if you were hurt and want to do something about it!

And Now, Six Things That Are So Not Up For Debate:

Fact 1: Women should be able to go to the d*rn spa without her body and mind being put in physical danger.

Fact 2: Background checks should be made for any employee who comes into contact with women’s bodies, to make sure they have no sexual abuse records.

Fact 3: Believe Her. 

Fact 4: If a woman takes the time out of her day to say she was so uncomfortable by a massage therapist that she “Had to stop it, mid-tears, halfway through, because he touched her there, and why???” Do something about it, before other women, other customers(!), are put in harm’s way.

Fact 5: There’s no such thing as a “Happy Ending.” Women don’t go to the spa for that, that’s one of many misogynistic excuses that has endangered women and belittled our stories for far too long. She came to the freakin’ spa for a Day Off, not exposure to more harassment, get it?

Fact 6: We Repeat: Believe Her.

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