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Brown University Accused of Failing to Protect Women From Sexual Assault

Lawsuits Claim School Actively Hid Assault Reports

If you were assaulted at Brown University, we want to help you take your power back with a lawsuit.

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Women Are Stepping Up Against Brown

A lawsuit filed in August 2021 finally said aloud what practically everyone already knew: sexual assault happens at universities, probably more than the schools disclose. Sexual assault can even happen at the world’s top learning institutions, like Brown University. But here’s the twist: Brown may have actively prevented sexual assault reporting to artificially lower their numbers.

You deserve to have your voice heard.

If you were sexually assaulted as a student at Brown, you have the power to help break this cycle.


We stand ready to help.

A Case for Women has a dedicated mission to help educate women about their civil legal rights as well as offering potential paths for legal action. Throughout our history, we have worked with hundreds of women seeking justice for institutional sexual assault, including:

  • Exposing a systemic culture of abuse within USA Gymnastics that protected Dr. Larry Nassar and helping many young women hold Nassar and Michigan State University accountable for covering up the abuse.
  • Helping give women a voice who were sexually assaulted at Eastern Michigan University after the school’s Title IX office failed to protect them.
  • Raising awareness among current and former students at Louisiana State University when the school shielded athletes and other students from repercussions regarding accusations of assault.
  • And more…

Learn how you can help protect other women from being hurt. You are not alone.


Survivors at Brown are silenced, harmed, dismissed and discouraged from seeking justice by the university.

– Lawsuit filed against Brown University