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Dow Corning Has a $3.2 Billion Settlement Fund for Women with Older Breast Implant Injuries.

After June 3, 2019 That Money Goes Away Forever.

We’re so so sorry, but the Dow Corning breast implant settlement is now closed.

However, if you would still like to talk to us about potentially taking legal action regarding problems with your implants, you can contact us below.

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# Dow Corning Breast Implant Lawsuit


YOU WERE RIGHT. All those health issues you had after getting breast implants weren’t in your head. That’s why Dow Corning established a $3.2 billion settlement fund to compensate women who developed heath issues due to their implants.

The problem is that the fund closes on June 3, 2019 and after that, well, every penny that is not “claimed” goes back to Dow – regardless of what happens to your health in the future!


Breast implants are still a popular choice, but when Dow started making these silicone implants decades ago, a Barbie-like body was a must for many women. Who didn’t feel pressure to get implants? Women were not only told they needed to look a certain way; they were also told it was safe and easy. Of course, women trusted their plastic surgeons and never considered that a big company like Dow Corning would sell something that could make them sick for life.

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Get your case on file by June 3, 2019!

Contact us asap so you don’t want you to lose out on this opportunity. If you don’t take action right away and get your case on file by June 3, then you will NEVER be able to make a claim against Dow Corning for injuries associated with your implants. Claims can be made for:

  • Explant
  • Rupture
  • Immune system diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, which cause pain, fatigue and other symptoms.
  • Disease or Worsening Disease

Contact us today if you had Dow Corning Breast Implants put in prior to 1993 and either need an explant, have a rupture or have an injury you believe might be associated with the implant. Filing a claim in the Settlement Fund is the only way to ensure that you do not miss out on potential compensation for any injuries potentially associated with your breast implants.

In 1995, Dow Corning had thousands of lawsuits pending against them related to breast implants that they manufactured. That same year, Dow Corning filed bankruptcy under Chapter 11 to facilitate settlement of those claims. They currently have $ 3.2 billion dollars to utilize in settling any remaining claims. The deadline for filing any claim against Dow Corning is fast approaching. After June 3, 2019, no one will be able to make a claim against them for injuries associated with the implants.

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Even if you received a claim in the previous Dow Corning litigation in the 1990’s, you still may be eligible for compensation from this fund.