Belviq Recalled Over FDA Concerns

Trial Finds Potential Increased Risk of Pancreatic, Colorectal and Lung Cancers in Belviq Patients

If you or a family member have been diagnosed with pancreatic, colorectal or lung cancer after using Belviq, you may be able to take powerful legal action.

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Belviq Lawsuit

Weight Loss Drug Pulled From Shelves Over Cancer Concerns

In February 2020, the FDA requested the withdrawal of weight loss drug Belviq from the market, citing a drug trial that showed a potentially elevated risk of pancreatic, colorectal and lung cancers in patients who took Belviq. The FDA ultimately determined the potential risks of the drug outweighed the benefits and asked the manufacturer to pull the drug. One month later, Arena Pharmaceuticals, the drug’s manufacturer, pulled Belviq from shelves.

By the time it was pulled from shelves, many women were already suffering from cancer after using what they thought was a safe medication.

If you or a family member are currently battling cancer after using Belviq, you may be able to file a lawsuit. While filing a lawsuit can’t erase that cancer diagnosis, it can help protect others from being hurt and provide potential compensation to help pay for expensive medical bills. Contact us (completely free and confidential) to learn more.

The First New Weight Loss Drug Approved by the FDA in Over a Decade

Belviq was supposed to offer another avenue to help women in the (unending) battle to maintain a healthy weight. The drug, approved by the FDA in 2012, allowed women with other health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol to have an allegedly safe and effective option to help with weight loss. Belviq was supposed to be something that helped women, not hurt them.

But now, women are facing an extremely frightening diagnosis: cancer.

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Belviq Approval Was Initially Declined by the FDA

It has come to light that the FDA initially declined Belviq’s approval in 2010 due to concerns about tumors found in rats during tests and potential cardiovascular side effects. That is, until Arena Pharmaceuticals came back with additional information that addressed the FDA’s concerns about the drug. This new data was enough to convince the FDA to approve Belviq for patient use.

Belviq follows in the footsteps of other troubled weight loss drugs, most notably fen-phen, a popular drug that was pulled from the market in the 1990s over serious concerns with high blood pressure and heart valve problems.

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