"Vaginal Rejuvenation" is So Not Your BFF

Side Effects May Include Burning, Scarring, Chronic Pain, Painful Sex

# Vaginal Rejuvenation Lawsuit

We need to talk about this.

The FDA just issued a warning to several “vaginal rejuvenation treatment” centers, and plaintiff lawyers are actively looking into women’s legal options in fighting back. If you suffered burning, scarring, pain, or other symptoms after vaginal rejuvenation you may have (time sensitive) legal options. Our team is available now to talk with you about what happened and discuss your potential legal options — contact us for a totally free, confidential consult if you were hurt and want to do something about it!

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The American Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology has questioned the safety and effectiveness of laster technologies for vaginal rejuvenation. In addition, the FDA *JUST* Sent Letters to These Manufacturers:

Alma Lasers + BLT Industries + BLT Aesthetics + Cynosure + InMode + Sciton + Thermigen

The (potential) vaginal rejuvenation lawsuit is about standing up to deceptive marketing that puts women at risk, and just saying no to unnecessary medical “treatments” that peddle on ridiculous expectations of what a GROWN women’s body should look like.

# Normalize Women’s Bodies

Devices + “Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment” Types That May Be Hurting Women:

Ultra Femme 360 + FemiLift + MonaLisa Touch + diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy + THERMIva + Venus Fiore + FormaV  + FractoraV

What's Down Under

“Vaginal Rejuvenation” Side Effects May Include: Burning (ouch!), scarring, chronic pain, painful sex and more. Meanwhile, it appears as if the majority of women who receive “vaginal rejuvenation” treatments do so for purely cosmetic reasons. Which is fine. But…
Here’s what’s not fine: Don’t call it safe, don’t call it easy, don’t call it risk free. Say the truth: There have likely been no long-term studies on “vaginal rejuvenation,”and ZERO longterm studies on nonmenopausal women. 
We’re just over it, you know? Our bodies do all the things as women. We don’t need to “revirginize” ourselves. We don’t need celebrities on Instagram (ahem) promoting medically unproven treatments. We don’t need to be sold more stuff without being warned about the risks involved. And we’re really over societal expectations, like, how did this become a thing, paying upwards of $3,000 for untested “therapies” we don’t need, thank you very much? 

PS, Vaginal birth or menopause left you feeling blah? Talk to your doctor, there may be alternative treatments for you to consider with your doctor. 🙂